Mercadona ham, only for connoisseurs, arriving at Christmas

Mercadona, a physical supermarket and online sales company, filed a file Cut a knife in the canned food section In 2017 and today it is available throughout the series. During this time, cut charcuterie became a year-round staple, but especially so at Christmas.

In these ceremonies, it was cutting section Offers a variety of national charcuterie, such as Pork reserve With 12 months of recovery, Iberian Cebu Ham and LwinAnd the 50% of the Iberian dynasty. In sausages, you can also enjoy acorn-fed Iberian Loin, as well as Iberian chorizo ​​and salchichón, both bait and acorn-fed.

In the Deli section You can order the ham to be cut with a knife or machine, and buy chilled or whole slices. Hence, many customers choose to shred and vacuum pack all the pork to ensure the durability of a high quality product.

Pork is a staple in many Spanish homes. It is a rather expensive product that is hard to choose for many occasions. The labels are a good guide to decide on one leg or the other and get the result we expect.

White Label: Iberian Taste of Ham

These are animals that have at least 50% Iberian genetics. They live on farms and feed mainly on grains and legumes. Its price ranges from 100 and 180 euros, by weight

Green label: Iberian field bait

Like the previous sample, these are samples that contain at least 50% of the genetics of Iberian pigs. The main difference is that they are raised outdoors, in plots of about 100 square meters, not in stables. Of course, they do not feed on nuts, but on natural pastures and I believe in the field. A leg of these pigs cost between 140 and 240 euros, By weight and ethnic cross.

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Red Label: Oak-fed Iberian ham

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They are specimens containing 75 or 50% of the Iberian subspecies that were raised in the meadows and fed with a few kilograms of acorns. Its price ranges from 220 and 450 euros.

Black Label: 100% acorn-fed Iberian pork

These are the pigs whose parents were of Iberian breed which are recorded in the genealogy book as 100%. These animals were raised on pastures and fed on acorns. Its price ranges from 350 to 1800 euros.

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