Mercadona gel that stops hair loss and restores its strength

Mercadona is one of the best value supermarkets in the country. Its products sweep sales in those cities where there is one (or several) establishments of the Valencia chain.

Food, perfumery, cosmetics … The product catalog is wide and varied. Hoarseness of the products that sweep sales. But beware, it has nothing to do with sleep therapy. It is a tonic that stimulates hair, prevents hair loss and helps it stay healthy and strong. Its name comes from rosemary, which is known to stimulate blood circulation in the hair, and from eucalyptus, which makes hair grow strong.

Autumn is coming: why are we losing more hair? When should I worry?

If there’s a common thing in dermatologist consultations during the fall, it’s the palm going for the increase in appointments for one reason: increased hair loss.

But Why does your hair fall out more during this time of year? Should we worry? Calmness and tranquility.

He could be the right person It lies between 80 and 100 hairs a day without worrying about it.

In the fall, hair loss can increase up to 400 units. In any case, it is about the hair that will recover.

“There is a phase of the hair cycle when the hair that should be falling out usually coincides with fall,” explains Dr. Nagaur.

This seasonal shedding – known as telogen effluvium – affects women more intensely, and this hair grows back without problems afterwards.

Thus, the poetic cycle follows three phases:

  • In the Anagen Or in the growth phase, the root cells are active and the new hair is formed.

  • or during the transitional period regression phase Growth stops and the shape of the follicle changes.

  • In the telogen phase Or in the resting state, the follicle settles and the hair begins to fall out. Once this last stage is completed, the cycle begins again.

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factors like Genetics, diet, stress or pregnancy Define different phases, but these usually focus on specific periods.

So, for example, Telogen seasons are fall and springWhile the anagen phase occurs in summer and winter.

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