Mercadona cream for atopic skin blows away in its price and effects

Cosmetics department Mercadona Adds a new product to its range: cream Vit-E balls. This new product is sweeping away customers. They assure that it is a very moisturizing cream, with very good ingredients and that it is harmless to atopic skin. The item that many customers claim is the cheap version of Elizabeth Arden’s cream, It costs 2.75 euros And it’s sweeping sales.

Mercadona’s new cream has a citrus scent and contains orange globules of vitamin E that melt into the skin when the product is applied. This concept is also used by the cream Drops of green tea and honey By Elizabeth Arden, but priced at €17. As to whether or not it is an exact clone, there are all kinds of opinions because the ingredients are not exactly the same, however, those who have tried Mercadona confirm that it does its job perfectly and at a very affordable price.

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