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Mercadona It has an extensive catalog of infusions and teas. On its shelves we can find products for all needs. Among those that help you sleep, relax, the digestive system … But without a doubt, the most successful are those that help you lose weight.

Matcha tea or fennel tea was a great success of the Guan Roig supermarket chain, but now it has incorporated a novelty that attracts its customers. A new version of green tea that conquers with its flavour.

The green tea infusions It is the one that has the greatest healing properties because it helps Reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood And now, thanks to this new version of Mercadona, you’ll have a delicious drink at your fingertips that can help you too Weight loss.

The Green tea with haciendado lemon Consists of 65% green tea herbs; a 20% lemon and a 6% dried licorice root, a small contribution not only to flavor, but from antimicrobial effects and lower blood pressure regulators. Each box contains 20 sachets and is sold for one price The price of 1, 20 euros.

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