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Lists of movies, or of music, literature, painting, comics and any other manifestation of art, always generate surprises and, sometimes, great confusion, although deep down they are It’s a fun game that we all take very seriously. In terms of cinema, the list of the 100 best films in history is published every 10 years The leading British magazine Sight and soundwithin the British Film Institutein which critics vote on one side and filmmakers on the other, is what marked the law.

Established in 1952, Clear Sight and sound Gave the first winner to bike thief From sika victory, A modern title (from 1948) that represented the dominance of the new realistic line. But on the second vote, in 1962, it was Citizen Kane From Orson Welleswhich remained there for another four decades. He hovered in the second and third places The rule of the gameFrom Genneroir s Tales from TokyoFrom Yasujirō Ozu. In 2012, vertigo From Alfred Hitchcock He canceled out Welles’ brilliant debut, who anyway held onto second place. The rise of Hitchcockian’s story from among the dead has been patient: in 1982 she was seventh, fourth in 1992, second in 2002, and first in 2012. In any case, she wasn’t in the majority: 191 votes for her. from 846 respondents.

Twice as many voters as before

In the list that just appeared, which 1,600 critics and academics, curators And programmers, twice as many as beforeThis is a basic fact. vertigo dropped to second place and Citizen Kane to the third, so they maintain their dominance in one way or another. Tales from Tokyo In fourth and fifth place is another Asian film, but it belongs to the twenty-first century. I hope you like From Wong Karwaithe film that won For example, but not limited with Mulholland Drive From David Lynch Eighth on the list Sight and sound– In all the relationships proposed so far on the best of the cinema of this century.

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To complete the order of the first 10 appear 2001: A Space Odyssey From stanley kubrick, lover From Claire Dennis the man with the camera From Dziga Vertov s Singing in the rain From Stanley Donen s Gene Kelly. A colorful cocktail of classic and modern cinema, from classic musicals to adult science fiction, from experimental cinema to the undeniable canon that remains Hitchcock, Welles and Ozo titles.

What was astonishing, and already sparking some notable controversy, was that as a result of this opening up to twice as many critics from five continents, he suddenly became more attentive to social convulsions than anything else, faithful to ideology. He woke upthe best movie in history is now excellent Jeanne Dillmann, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxellesknew b Chantal Ackermann In 1975, a title that had not been in the top 50 before: in 2012 it appeared at No. 51, and in 2002 at No. 73. In the poll of 480 directors, Ackerman’s film finished fourth in points, with Tales from Tokyowhile the winner is Kubrick’s Space Odyssey.

Paul Schraderscreenwriter taxi driver and manager Mishima, is the one who vote. tops his list of 10 films in that order Choose the pocket From Robert Bryson – which he himself made some kind of variation or re-make in 1992 with him There is no chance to escape-, Tales from Tokyothe Bergmani personAnd the The rule of the game s corresponding From Bertolucci. It was he who explained, via Twitter, the confusion Ackerman’s film casting could cause: “The sudden appearance of Jane Dillman In first place It undermines the credibility of the survey h h. as pointed out Tom Stoppard in jumpersIn a democracy, it is not important who gets votes, but who counts them. By expanding the voting community and the points system, voter ballots h h from this year It does not reflect historical continuity, but rather a correct political readjustment. Ackerman’s movie is one of my favorites, a great movie, a milestone, but his unexpected number one doesn’t do him any favors. Jane Dillman It will henceforth be remembered not only as an important film in the history of cinema, but also as a milestone in the distorted re-evaluation He woke up& rdquo;.

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No news from Buñuel or Herzog

You can argue all you want about whether Singing in the raina huge musical comedy about the transition from silent to talking, should rank first Sunrise From F. W. MurnauWhich is almost unanimously considered the best silent film. or if we have enough perspective with merit, but too recent, moon light From Barry Jenkins – included at position 60 between La dolce vita s White Houseor the great European cinema and the classic Hollywood model – and let me out From Jordan Peelerepresenting the newest African American cinema.

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She doesn’t just come out strong as a director like Ackerman and Dennis D loverbut There are also indisputable or disputed films by Agnès VardaCleo from 5 to 7 At No. 14 f And gleaners and gleaner In 1967 – the avant-garde Maya DerenWeaving from the afternoon (16) -, Vera Chitilovadaisies (28) -, Celine SyamaImage of a burning woman (30) -, Barbara LowdenWanda (48) -, Jane Campionthe piano (50) – Again, Ackermann-News from home (51) – and Jolly Dash Dust Girls (60) -. We can ask ourselves, of course, where are they Alice JayAnd the Ida Lubin, Dorothy ArznerAnd the Sofia CoppolaAnd the Naomi Kwasi also Kathryn Bigelow.

No news from Luis Buñuel and John Cassavetes – Perhaps the most notable absence – and no Eric von StroheimAnd the Joseph von SternbergAnd the Ernst LubitschAnd the Jean Renoir – for the first time without his nosy presence when he is the “patron” of French cinema, Howard HawksAnd the Nicholas Ray Jerry LewisAnd the Pier Paolo PasoliniAnd the Wim WendersAnd the Werner Herzog, David FincherAnd the Jim JarmuschAnd the Quentin TarantinoAnd the David CronenbergThe Coen brothersAnd the Bong Joon Ho also Michael Haneke. There is no production from Latin America. Two cartoons and no cartoons from other countries. Just a spanish cell spiritin the 84th place. But it’s just a list.

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