mental health | Alejandro Sanz worries his followers by admitting he is “sad and tired”: “Sometimes I don’t even want to be there”

“I’m not well. I don’t know if this is of any help but I want to say it. I’m sad and tired (…) Sometimes I don’t even want to besinger Alejandro Sanz confirmed Saturday on Twitter, a message that has sparked thousands of responses of support and gratitude for highlighting mental health issues.

I’m working on making it go away… I’ll get to the stage and something inside will tell me what to do. But sometimes I don’t even want to be. literally. Just to be honest. To not get into useless noise. I know there are people who feel this way. If it works for you, I feel the same way,” he explains.

in the text that already Over 100,000 likes and nearly 10,000 retweetsthe translator says he wants to share this sentiment “in case someone else thinks that there must always be a sea breeze or fireworks on a summer night”.

Among the comments of encouragement and solidarity were the pianist James Rhodes, who on more than one occasion announced his message. depressionsand that he conveys his understanding: “How do I understand you, my dear. There are always clouds. They pass, often very slowly, but they pass. They are temporary,” he told him.

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“This message benefits mental health more than ten institutional campaigns,” says one writer of books for young adults. “You have to normalize the feeling of discomfort, the sadness…and seek help when the signs are obvious.” Javier Padilla.

On April 14, the singer resumed the Presentation Tour in Bogotá.Sans LiveAnd she performed in other Latin American cities like Lima (April 20), Guayaquil (April 22), Santiago de Chile (April 26 and 27) or Buenos Aires (May 11, 12 and 14), to name a few.

He will return to Spain from June 3, where he will perform Pamplona He will give concerts in places like Valencia (June 15), Barcelona (June 17) or Madrid (June 29 and 30).

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Later he will return to America and sing in it Miami (23 September), New York (30 September) or Angels (14 October).

Last March, he released the song “WoodpeckerWith Danny Ocean, as part of the EP Where the Songs Are Toowhen” And “float’, in which he engages in a dialogue with the child who has ceased to exist.

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