Memphis dismantles the police unit to which the Lethal Beaten agents belong

the Memphis Police Department This weekend he decided to dismantle the special unit that belonged to the five agents involved in the fatal beating of a man at the beginning of the month while conducting traffic control. victim, Nichols PhotosThe 29-year-old died three days after being stopped by agents near his home on January 7: the cause was reckless driving and he was beaten for resisting arrest.

Each of the five police officers and Nichols are black. The agents were kicked out of the force on the 20th and this week they have been kicked out charged with second-degree murderand aggravated assaults and kidnappings. La tragedia ha reavivado el debate nacional en EE.UU. Sobre los abusos policiales a la minoría negra, sobre todo tras la publicación el viernes por la noche de cuatro vídeos que registraron el incidente: tres camaras corporales de los agents y una de vigilancia en street.

Pictures show how The cops kick you in the face, punched and hit Nichols with a metal bar, even when the victim was already handcuffed. He was then left lying on the side of a car without medical attention.

is called the unit to which they belong the scorpion, which is an acronym for “Operation Street Crime to Restore Peace in Our Neighborhoods” (“Operation Against Street Crime to Return Peace to Our Neighborhoods”), a group created to combat violent crime in the city. It is made up of about thirty police officers and some of them are distinguished Sweatshirts with hoodies In the name of the group and for the use of large-displacement Dodge cars, elements that were reflected in the video of the accident.

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The Memphis Police Department announced that the unit was “permanently deactivated” after the video was released, although it had already been inactive since Nichols’ arrest. “the scandalous behaviour Among the few places that cast a shadow of shame on the Scorpion name, it is imperative that we in the Memphis Police Department take steps to the healing process for all those affected,” a statement explained. The decision came after the Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davismeets with the special unit to inform the “steps to be taken”.

Davis arrived in Memphis just over a year and a half ago, after holding the same position in Durham, North Carolina. came at a time High crime rate and tension with the police In the United States: Violent crime rates have soared amid the pandemic in most cities in the United States, a phenomenon complicated by the national reaction to the May 2020 killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and calls to reduce or isolate police personnel. Davis found himself understaffed and frustrated, but he managed Reduce the number of murders in Memphis in 2022 compared to 2021’s 345.

SCORPIONS is one of the police units I’ve worked on, but anti-crime groups like this one – which have sprung up in many American cities – have been in the spotlight of activists calling for deep police reforms. An example is New York, which dismantled the The crime-fighting unit operates in civilian clothes in June 2020, and that it sought to reduce the number of gun crimes in the city. But they were also accused of acting out of proportion and being involved in most of the shootings that killed the suspects.

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His removal drew criticism, especially from representatives of the slums, and the current mayor of the city, the former police captain Eric AdamsHe made a security campaign and promised to take this unit back. Two months after taking office, in March last year, he complied and recreated the unit, which focused on seizing illegal weapons.

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