Meloni State University Provost resigns due to embezzlement conviction

Meloni’s government is losing an important piece. Rep. Augusta Montaroli (39 years old) was a rising star in the sky of the Brotherhood of Italy, to the extent that he was appointed undersecretary of the Ministry of the University. But she was a shooting star. She had to resign after the Supreme Court ruled against her One year and six months in prison for embezzlementthrough the improper use of the funds of the Piedmont region, when it was a member of the regional council, between 2010 and 2012.

according to the sentence Augusta Montaroli He made personal purchases with public funds for a total of €25,000 (initially, the disputed figure was €41,552). Expenses were in bars and restaurants, bags, autographed Hermès dresses, Swarovski crystal pieces and other goods, including my mother-in-law’s drinks and the erotic Sexploration. Games are forbidden to couples.

Montaroli pleads not guilty: “I have decided to resign from a government position to defend the institutions, sure of my innocence,” the deputy of the Brotherhood of Italy wrote on Instagram. The opposition had called for his immediate resignation. “There is a final sentence, I think it is the duty of those in public office to resign,” said Stefano Bonaccini, president of the Emilia-Romagna region and candidate for the National Secretariat of the Democratic Party. Montaroli also received criticism from the majority in her government: “You have to assess whether it creates an embarrassing situation for the government, but it is a decision she must make with her party.”

Augusta Montaroli had no choice but to resign, since a conviction for embezzlement was a very troublesome problem for the executive branch, subject to the political line set by the Prime Minister. Georgia Meloni On February 5, campaigning for the regional elections, she set the following criteria for cases like the Montaroli case: «There must be certainty of right and certainty of punishment. Which means that anyone who is investigated or prosecuted should enjoy the maximum guarantees, but it also means that when you are convicted by a final judgment, you must comply with the judgment.

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