Meloni exempts doctors and nurses from vaccination: “Enough ideologies about Covid”

In the first operational council of the government of Georgia Meloni, a decree was approved that presupposes a break from the health policy of the executive branch of Mario Draghi in relation to Covid, by rehabilitating 4,000 health workers who had not undergone this ahead of schedule. to feed. In addition, he approved a series of ordinances representing the new phase of law and order in the new Melonian era. Thus, he follows the celebration of “rave” parties with harsh punishments. On the other hand, it also tightens the regulations so that convicts of mafia and terrorism do not get prison benefits if they do not cooperate with justice. “Fighting the mafia is a goal of the government,” the prime minister said at a press conference. Given Italy’s need for toilets, the Meloni government expected to return to work 4,000 toilets that had not been vaccinated within two months. In addition, from November 1, doctors and nurses will no longer be obligated to vaccinate. The move was heavily criticized by the leader of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, on Twitter: “The Meloni government held its first elections in its first cabinet. Vaccines have rewarded. The worst start was tough. The masks will remain in hospitals. The prime minister highlighted the break from the previous management of the epidemic, whose fight was centered in an ideological way, according to Meloni. «The subject of science is faced not with an ideological approach, but with scientific evidence supporting actions. “In the past, countless measures have been taken that are not based on scientific evidence,” Giorgia Meloni said at a news conference after the cabinet meeting. “We will move forward with effective measures with clearer information. Italy is the country that has adopted the most restrictive measures, but has had the highest death rates. Something has not worked. The Covid issue has become an election campaign issue, it has become an ideology and this has not helped us to take effective action,” he said. Other than that it has been referred to as a monster.Rave parties, six years in prison Giorgia Meloni also announced some measures to counter illegal rave parties, in light of talk of rave parties organized over the weekend.Around 3,000 people gathered from European countries Various in an abandoned industrial warehouse in Modena.The government has decided to introduce a new crime, the “invasion for dangerous meetings”, which includes, among other things, penalties from 3 to 6 years in prison and fines between 1,000 and 10,000 euros.With this urgent decree filled with Symbolically, Georgia Meloni explained that they wanted to send a message that you cannot come to Italy to commit crimes: “We hope with the rule of raucous parties we will not be different from other European countries. ». Atmosphere Cultural Regia Meloni in the standard language of Angel Gomez Fuentes La Meloni, in her first speech as Prime Minister: “I have never sympathized with the fascist ‘Angel Gomez Sources’ in the past – besides Meloni – the impression Italy gave was of laxity in respect of norms and legality”. Now “political will makes the difference” and the sign is that one cannot come to Italy to commit a crime “because there are rules that apply”. “It is a good deterrent to those who come from all over Europe who think they have an easy life in Italy,” Prime Minister Meloni said.

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