MC Reaça, the reactionary and abusive musician who created the omnipresent Bolsonarist anthem

Tales Volpi Fernandes, MC Reaça, was convicted of domestic violence before his mysterious death, in June 2019. The song “Proibidão de Bolsonaro”, parodying the left, has become the biggest hit of the presidential campaign since 2022.

On June 1, 2019, a 28-year-old girl was admitted to a hospital in Indaiatuba, within the state of São Paulo. He had bruises on his face and in one eye. His jaw had two fractures. While he was admitted to the hospital, a family friend registered the complaint with the Civil Police for “domestic violence”. After undergoing the surgery, the young woman explained to the Indaiatuba Women’s Defense delegation that her boyfriend had assaulted her at her home. yesHer boyfriend was MC Reaça. On that day, tales of Volpe Fernandez, MC Ressa (which can be translated as “retro MC”)And the The victim said he was violent. brutally beat her. I know She initially considered the hypothesis that she was pregnant. The news could have provoked aggression.

same day, MC Reaca found dead At kilo 116 of the Dom Pedro motorway. The 25-year-old musician’s body was hanging from a tree next to a motorbike, a helmet, a bag with clothes, a wallet with documents and 602 reais (137 euros at the time). Targeted civilian police and military police Suicide as a possible cause of death. In an audio clip that was used as evidence, MC Reaça left a message for his family: “If Lydia doesn’t lose the baby, help her, please.”

the president himself Posted by Jair Bolsonaro Tweet my condolences: “Tales Volpi, better known as MC Reaça, left us yesterday. He had a dream of changing the country and bet on my name with his great talent. We will remember him for his gift, humility and love for Brazil, may God have mercy on him with his family and friends.” vice Eduardo Bolsonarothe president’s son, published a tweet With a photo in which MC Reaça makes a “weapon” With hands, the iconic gesture of the Bolsonarist. Carlos Bolsonaroaccused by the court of hate cabinet directing who coordinates the circle fake news From his father, he posts his condolences on the networks. His brief tweet contained a video in which MC Reaça recited verses in a messianic tone. “They tried to kill the future, but it was God’s protection, who saved Bolsonaro to become president,” he said, referring to the assassination attempt on Jair Bolsonaro during the 2018 election campaign. The abused girlfriend or complaint of violence due to abuse.

The death of MC Reaça revitalized a calculated process of mythology. The aura of the deceased musician was unscrupulously captured by the Bolsonaro family. MC Reaça did not suspect that the song Bolsonaro ban It will become the great Bolsonaro anthem for the 2022 campaign.

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Anti-left funk

Bolsonaro ban It is not an original song. It’s a parody of favela danceAnd the It was launched in 2015 by MC Joao, a musician from the outskirts of São Paulo. with a strange sound of coward Born in the slums of Rio de Janeiro Transit Mamibas Electronic sounds, rap and Brazilian The favela dance Glorify dances and parties on the outskirts of São Paulo. The He hits Mc Jõao catapulted to the world when Brazilian gymnast Rebeca Andrade used her at the Tokyo Olympics and won the individual silver (and gold in the vaulting) category.

Retro MC (MC, for “master of ceremonies”, is the term used to refer to singers of rap groups) makes use of the music’s rhythmic base. favela dance to shoot a Rain of criticism of the Brazilian left. The song title itself reveals an opportunistic twist. The ban It’s the hardest style and Underground From coward from favela. in Rio de Janeiro ban It was initially associated with drug dealers. Her words allude to trafficking and weapons. if he favela dance depicts peaceful celebrations in the suburbs, and ban From MC Reaça the president gives himself the fiercest blow of coward. yes Mykonos And the InfoVloggerwho was baptized as OBK Fachas, adds disrespect to the far-right party VOX In Spain, MC Reaça promotes Bolsonaro’s image as an anti-regime. Bolsonaro the pressure Who owns weapons. Who makes fun of the rest of the boring politicians.

Full of masculinity and anti-left aggressiveness, MC Reaça glorifies Bolsonaro: Bolsonaro jumps from parachutes / Bolsonaro married Cinderella / Like Mina de Direta São as the best beauty / while de Escherda’s hair is more than Cadila (Bolsonaro parachute jumps / Bolsonaro married Cinderella / The girls on the right are prettier / The girls on the left have more hair than a bitch). MC Reaça mocks some references to the left: He’s sending Paul Freire (Father of Editorial Pedagogy) to the stratosphere; Cyrus Gomez it’s a zip rolls (something like nobody); States Jandira Feghali (historic member of Partido dos Trabalhadores, PT) has never lived in slums and this Luciana Genero (One of the leaders of the Partido Socialismo e Liberdade, PSOL) supports the landless, but does not give its title “so that they can occupy their home”. There is no shortage of missions for Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, LulaWho was in prison when the song was released:If not, he is imprisoned in a cell, he goes like a communist and he never stops lying“.

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Hate crimes and myths

The great success of Bolsonaro’s election campaign in 2018 was or the legend of chegoumade of Finico, Venezuelan lives in Brazil. although Bolsonaro ban It was well received, and not among the great successes of the Bolsonarist. Everything changed after the death of MC Reaça. The ban The anti-left was making its way. The Recife Families March used the song in 2020. Some politicians and candidates for the 2020 municipal elections have used it in their campaign events. It was irritation left in escalation. The General Electoral Ministry of Pernambuco State requested that the song be banned during political campaigns. After multiple complaints, section officer Bolsonaro ban It was removed from YouTube and Spotify due to hate crimes. The rest led to the Bolsonavirus victim’s account, which claimed censorship. YouTube has been flooded with versions of Bolsonaro ban. From the digital sphere, the song is back in the territory. It is the soundtrack to the most diverse of political works.

At the end of November 2021, thehe is Bolsonaro ban Ren in the act of Jair Bolsonaro’s affiliation with the Liberal Party (PL), a formation moved from the political center to the radical right. The election campaign has begun. On December 20, 2021, Bolsonaro appeared on the coast of São Paulo dancing He hits by MC Reaca. After a jet-ski ride in Guaruja, the president boarded a boat to dance with supporters of his cause. His son, Flávio Bolsonaro, shared the video on Instagram, hinting at the “Dinner for Democracy” organized by Lula and Geraldo Alckmin (currently the second man in Lula’s nomination) with dignitaries from the country. “Bolsonaro concerned about Jantar Democracy’s Lula / Alkmene and 171 seconds171 is a Brazilian slang referring to an article of the Penal Code that characterizes ‘estelionato’. It is used as a synonym for ‘incompressible’, ‘hard face’ or ‘scoundrel’.

Jair Bolsonaro’s appearance in Guajura was not accidental either. Lula would have responded in court to the accusation of possession of a tripartite in Guajura. Although justice brought the case, Guajura is linked in the minds of millions of Brazilians to Lula’s corruption.

YouTube has not taken any action against multiple versions of Bolsonaro ban. On Tik Tok, the He hits Posthumous MC Reaça spreads out of control. At least 20,000 recent videos, some of which have garnered over 100,000 views, use music. Some Bolsonaro they tweet Video of gymnast Rebecca Andrade confirming that she is dancing Bolsonaro ban.

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