Mazarrón Red Tuna and Calblanque Lamb, two safe bets to discover the most authentic flavors of Cartagena

unequivocal The aroma of lamb brains braised with garlic and parsley Represents one of Proustian’s childhood memories Maria Gomez Garcia (Fuente Alamo, Murcia, 1987), with her husband Adrian DeMarcos (Madrid, 1987) Pamper the kitchens of Maguja, the restaurant that opened in Cartagena in 2014 to serve The best product of the Mediterranean and the countryside of Cartagena With recipes awarded by the Michelin Guide star in 2020.

We met at Arguiñano’s school and it was love at first sight. She is about to give birth to her second child while continuing to supervise the preparations her team has made, explains María Gómez. In the charming local area of ​​Dr. Vicente García Marcos Square in Cartagena, Where Adrián de Marcos chooses the wines to accompany Tasting menu of nearly 20 dishes for €120 plus €80 for pairing.

Maria Gomez daughter of a family of vegetarians, From Carlos Arguignano he received one of the most important lessons of his life: “If you want to be a chef, you have to eat everything.” He recommended it to her upon learning that the young woman, like her parents, ate nothing but vegetables.

Opened in 2014

Said and done. Maria and Adrian focused on their training as chefs with mentors such as Juan Mari Arzak or Ferran Adria and at gastronomic temples like Zuberoa And in 2014 they opened the “House of Food” in Cartagena. Adrián recalls shortly before starting a service The menu is based on updated traditional recipes And in it Red bonito from Almadraba in La Azhoía (Mazarrón), sheep Calblanque Natural Park And amazing The table has more than 70 kinds of quesos was awarded by Q de quesos as the best cheese in the Restoration in 2020.

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“We always start with six entrees that he’s in Crispy Russian saladDeMarcos explains next to a winery with More than 750 reference wines.

Trails start with organic asparagus with egg yolk and citrus; Shrimp with nectar from their heads. Creamy Onions With Smoked Eel, Pajoca (Green Beans) And Mediterranean Oysters.

Fish and shellfish from Cabo de Palos Marine Reserve

“All the fish and shellfish come from the port of Cartagena and much of the Cabo de Palos marine reserve, and they are one of the cleanest in the world,” María Gómez boasts before serving one of her seasonal dishes: the jamil The red is from the only remaining racket in the Mediterraneanthat a la azuhia (mazaron).

“We make it like a steamed pie with cauliflower, spicy citrus gravy, sea grape algae and salmon roe” Chef details while offering other safe bets for spreading Cartagena’s gastronomy: the Baby lamb calblanc.

The recipe begins With shoulder in its own sauce that accompanies boneless lamb churros Topped with its own juice and wild fennel pil pil accompanied by a donut of animal brains.

We want to preserve the core of our land. Maria Gómez continues, a dry land where almonds, carobs, figs, olives, and all kinds of wild herbs grow, asparagus, chard, and colegas that are in sorcerer Prepared in tortilla bread.

Calasparra cedar and Mediterranean carob

he Rice with mushrooms and plains herbs It is one of the specialties of this restaurant that adheres to Calasparra beans, the only ones in the world that have not been genetically modified.

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And to sweeten stews, nothing better than carob, this “superfood” which after being despised for centuries was held to be little more than cattle food, But it already had remarkable significance in classical antiquity, when the seed was used as a standard for the karat, a unit of weight for precious stones and jewellery.

“We couldn’t be happier to be able Saving Mediterranean productscelebrated by Adrián de Marcos My mom which is a casual restaurant opened near sorcerer and the emblematic hotel Alfonso XIII in Cartagena that he recommends, where he and Maria await the imminent arrival of their second child and, why not, a second Michelin star that confirms their presence on the gastronomic Olympus.

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