Maya Ruiz Picasso, daughter of Pablo Picasso, dies

Maya Ruiz Picasso Walter, daughter of the painter Pablo Picasso and Marie-Therese Walter, He died at the age of 87. “Rest in peace,” Culture and Sports Minister Mikel Eseta said on social media.

Born in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, in 1935, Maya Ruiz Picasso was the second daughter of the painter from Málaga and devoted a large part of her career to Promoting Picasso’s legacy.

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more than five years ago The government Granting Spanish citizenship With a message from nature to Ruiz Picasso, just three days before the presentation of the exhibition “Pieta y Terror en Picasso: el camino a Guernica”, held at the Reina Sofia Museum to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the creation of this picture. “While Picasso was painting Guernica, this girl, now not a girl granted Spanish citizenship, fiddled with her father’s brushes,” said the then Minister of the Domain, Nigo Mendez de Vigo.

The death of Maya Ruiz Picasso occurs At the gates of the beginning of the year PicassoOn the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of the artist.

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