Maximum age to apply for a mortgage in Spain | This is the maximum age for applying for a mortgage in Spain

Ask about Mortgage to pay us a Homepage Our bread has become our subsistence. for young people in particular. But the Mortgage loans not governed agenow over the prices They are out of control and real estate market They feed on adults cities s touristic places. In this sense, experts say, the collapse in housing prices is already here and could spread globally. It takes years to apply for a mortgage, but not just for those you are going to borrow. Banks also take into account the age of customers and there is a limit to request a financing. did you know?

The bank always wins isn’t just an adage, it’s a fact. the banking entities They want your money and they charge you interest. Now, what’s more, Euribor for November has come in at 2.83%. But what if you are 55 years old and want to sign a 25-year mortgage?

The result of the sum is primary

You’ve been growing yourself into an 80-something, at best enjoying your retirement and at worst, complaining about something wrong. What is right for you, banks set limits. Age is one of them, unless you have it tocateja money. Yes it is, congratulations. Otherwise, keep reading.

Banks do amount goes to the block When loans are granted: they take them Your age and add it to Mortgage term. The score cannot be higher than 75 years old. That is, if you are 50 years old, you will have 25 years to pay off your mortgage. If you’re 65, you’ll only have 10 years to pay it off. If you’re in this second demographic, can you afford it?

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Two carriers and life insurance

There is no law that does not specify a general rule for This procedure and each bank has its own standards, but remember that its main purpose is to make sure that you will repay the borrowed money. For this reason, experts recommend going to several entities and seeing which ones offer better conditions for each case.

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If age is an issue, there is an alternative to extending the financing term. Go through in addition to one second person How do the addressAlso, it is smaller. If you can’t settle the debt, you will. To finish making sure you get your money back, you can also order life insurance.

The term of the loan also deserves a separate chapter. There is also no law limiting this, however Bank of Spain He took a stand on the issue and recommends a maximum term of 30 years. Thus, this proposal would fix age limit To apply for a mortgage individually at 45 years.

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