Máximo Huerta opened his bookstore, the first in the history of his town, Buñol

Of all the professions that Máximo Huerta had access to after working as a journalist, presenter, writer and former Minister of Culture, he chose the most humble one: being a bookseller. At a time when paper – in all its forms – is struggling with digitization, Huerta is returning to the origins in every way. Tomorrow opens a bookstore in his town, with shelves Overflowing with works of all kinds And with a calendar of meetings with the authors who They will come across the municipal agenda.

Máximo Huerta opened today Donna Liu Library In Buñol (Valencia), his hometown, where he grew up and where he established himself on all levels: personal, family and now also at work. And so his own revolving door, away from the big multinationals, begins to converge “Childhood dream to immerse yourself in books”. “It’s an exciting project that I’m doing Committed to my peoplehe told the newspaper.

The adventure of working in a small commune in front of the big capital brings with it another milestone: it will be the first bookstore which opens in Buñol, at least because there is evidence, as the writer asserts. Moreover, she does not want him to stay in a simple tradeBut you want it to be Homepage To whomever enters: “It will be a library For all kinds of readers And books of any kind will be sold, all born to be read and we will also share the space Great friends and girlfriends Who will come over to chat and sign copies,” he explains.

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Specifically, Huerta has programmed a calendar of activities that will take many visitors to it Bunol. The heroic act of blind-raising a new company will also invigorate Cultural life in Buñol with meetings with Elvira Lindo and Dolores Redondo almost.

Who is Donna Liu?

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Leo is whore De Huerta who has the same fame as him life partner. The decision to call the institution Donna Liu Library Stemming from the fact that she is “the first to read all my novels, because I write while lying on my feetLike my editor,” he says. The “Leo” designation is itself a coincidence related to the act of reading, but also “it’s a tribute to all the rescued dogs and puppies, because The same thing happens with books “.

The works were completed this weekend. The library, which is in a classical style, is located at central street of mrin the Buñol metropolitan area where the Chavalín kiln used to be, which has now been converted into this home for lovers of literature.

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