Max Awards | The will to believe, Max Award for Best Stage Performance

The will of faithcreated and directed Pablo Messiswon the Max Award for Best Stage Performance, at a gala where Awards were distributed widelywhile recognizing the linguistic diversity of Spanish theatre, as head of SGAE FoundationAnd Juan Jose Solanain his speech, and in a celebration similar to the style of Cadiz in which there was no shortage of “Viva Cadiz” and Flamenco Palmas.

next to, Jesús Muñoz and Pau Pons Win Best Playwright for ‘Eclipse Total’ and actresses Marta Nieto and Marina Salas won the ax aequo award as Best Actresses For “La infamia”, the work is an adaptation of a book by Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho.

Kasho’s “bravery and bravery” has been acknowledged by Nito for writing and recounting his attempted kidnapping and assassination. “Lydia you are a genius, you should study in schools,” said Marina Salas, who thanked the “tremendous” artwork for the show, as well as the “generosity and talent” of her co-star.

in the male category, Pere Arquillué received the Max Award for Best Actor by ‘L’Adversari’ and Inaki Ricarte won Best Director A scene for “Supernormals”. In addition, Maria Goriselaya Boron won Best Adaptation, Version of a Play, or Choreography for “Yerma,” an adaptation that does not feature “a single word from Lorca” but does feature today’s infertile women. he said in his speech.

The concert at the Gran Teatro Falla in Cadiz started for the first time in its history. Presenting Max for the best show for children and youth audiences for “Blancanieves” from La Chana Teatro, and an award for Best New Presentation to Woman in Works for “Cockroach for Landscape in Background,” a work that also earned Max a second Best New Composition for Javier Ballestero.

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in dance class Lali Ayguadé won the double by receiving the Max for Best Actress and for Best Choreography for the work of “Rona”, while dancer Mario Bermúdez Gil received the Max Award for Best Actor Performance for “El Bosque”. In addition, “La Reina del Metal” by Vanessa Aybar and Enrique Monfort won the Max Award for Best Dance Performance.

finally, Pascal Jenny with Eta Oren Zer? And now this? Won the Max Award for Best Music Composition for theatrical performance and “La gata perduda” from the Fundació Gran Teatre del Liceu with an award for best musical or lyrical performance. In addition, “Love, Love, Love” was recognized by Animasur as the best street show, and the best production work went to Tanttaka Teatroa for “Sexberdinak-Sexpiertos”.

in technical departments, Laura Clos’ “Rojos” won the Max award for best lighting design, Pier Paolo Álvaro won the “Ás oito de tarde” award and Cando morren won the nais award for best costume design, and Alessio Meloni won the work for “La cabeza del dragon”. Got the maximum design for the best stage.

During the celebration in the Cádiz amphitheater, it was made Handing over the award of honor to Tricicle Company For his brilliant and prolific career, full of successes, and his attainment of a prominent position in the history of the performing arts and his mastery and genius in the art of mime. In their conversation they joked about the fact that they “finally” had Max after several decades of experience and thanked Cádiz and the Falla Theater for their welcome whenever they performed those plays, ending with “viva Cádiz”.

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Sergio Claramont, founder of Payasospital, an association working in children’s hospitals in the Valencian Community, has taken the Cadiz stage to claim the Max Amateur or Social Award.

For the first time in 26 editions, this has been done Presentation of the Max Apauso Public Awardwas awarded to the family show “El petit príncep” in La Perla 29, thus recognizing the quality of the show that has been on the billboard for the longest time due to the support of the audience, which has been sustained by the huge attendance of spectators in the past five seasons.

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For his part, the President of the General Authority of Civil Aviation said, Antonio Onetti, and the President of the SGAE Foundation, Juan José Solana, highlighted in their joint speech the relationship between the city of Cadiz with cultural traditions, giving an example of La Tía Norica de Cádiz – Maximino de Honor – as a cradle of culture.

In contrast to change the tone of their speech, both presidents put aside the formalities of this business and They have sung their word on the piano and in poetry. Thus, Solana stressed the importance of the newly established artist’s platform and demanded that dance be valued as a “tradition of dance”. He also claimed the country’s linguistic diversity, showing that the Basque company could take its work, in its language, to other parts of the national territory.

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