Matthew Perry and his hell of methadone, Xanax, cocaine, and a liter of vodka a day

  • The memories of the “Friends” actor’s addiction arrive Thursday in Spain via the publishing house Contraluz

  • The actor admits that he was sober only in the ninth season of the series

  • Perry recalls altercation with Jennifer Aniston: ‘I know you’ve been drinking again’

We know Matthew PerryAbove all, like troubled Chandler Bing friendsthe sitcom that launched him to fame in the 1990s and which, after being incorporated into the Netflix catalog, managed to make him popular among Millennials also zoom. But also as a survivor of various addictions, he was never interested in hiding from the press. His frankness, whatever it may be, reaches its highest degree in Friends and lovers, this is pretty awesomeAnd the Addiction memories whose first lead rocked the world for a few weeks and finally on Thursday Arrived in Spain via Contraluz Publishing.

To partially reduce the boredom of another hospital stay, One day Perry decided to start writing his fight in iPhone Notes. Instead of trying to dissuade him, his manager encouraged him to continue. Slowly but surely (The Exorcism left him so exhausted that he could only write for a few hours a day), the actor ended up completing his autobiography, even before the deadline. Without obvious self-censorship, frank, crude and subtle. And the earlier it ends and the clearer it is, the more lives it can save. The book’s dedication illustrates the humanitarian mission: “To all those suffering out there. You already know who you are.”

From white wine to killer cocktails

At first it was a can of Budweiser and a bottle of Andrès Baby Duck white wine, Berry recalls. He was 14 years old at the time, and he and his friends were exploring ways to escape. Little did he know that this would end up getting him imprisoned. This almost innocent exploration ended, as he recalled at various times, in the simultaneous consumption of Methadone, xanax, cocaine, and almost a full liter of vodka a day. He marked a dividing line regarding heroin: the word itself just terrified him.

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in 2019, He fell into a coma for several weeks after his colon burst from opioid abuse. Doctors told his loved ones he had a 2% chance of emerging from the seven-hour surgery alive. He did, but had to be hooked up to an ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) machine and then spent six weeks in the UCLA’s cardiorespiratory intensive care unit.

Sobriety, in which he spent a year and a half, cost him an arm and a leg: in the book he talks about seven million dollars, which he raised to nine in a recent interview. The account includes fifteen seasons in rehabilitation centers and one in a psychiatric hospital. Along the way, in addition to money, Loss of the ability to enjoy all or most of life’s activities – It’s a side effect of the placebo you’re taking To treat his opioid addiction, Suboxone.

From her fairytale wedding to the clinic

Fortunately for soap opera fans, Perry also talks about it in his book friends, who is one of his great collaborators on the series and what it means to be part of such a popular phenomenon. But even many of his shooting anecdotes are linked to his intoxication problems. Although he maintains that he did not go to work under the influence of any drug, He was really sober only in the ninth season. Perry remembers Aniston visiting his trailer to sing the fortieth (“I know you’ve been drinking again”) or when Monica’s wedding was celebrated (Courteney Cox) and Chandler, on May 17, 2001, to a rehabilitation clinic.

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After reading the book, see friends It won’t be fun. As Perry points out, his weight changes from season to season indicate the trajectory of his excesses: if he’s gained pounds, it’s because of the alcohol; If he was thin, it was because of the grain, and if he had a goatee, it was because he was “taking too much”.

During the confession trip, the actor takes the opportunity to apologize to the collateral victims of his behavior, especially the women in his life. Chandler and Matthew were equally fearless and, above all, capable of self-sabotage. That’s why he left Julia Roberts (“Instead of Facing That Constant Fear of Losing Her”), Executive in Television Jimmy Tarsis or actress Lizzy Caplan. He writes: “I am grateful to all the women whom I have left because of the simple fact of fear; I thank you and at the same time apologise.”

Now think of “love and courage” as the most important things in this life. He has the guts to face hell, and he is there, as he asserts: “Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’ve been there: He’s there. End of discussion.”

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