Matteo Salvato, 23-Year-Old Technology Entrepreneur: “You don’t have to be a genius to innovate, you just have to be naive” | technology

23-year-old businessman Matteo Salvato, in a photo provided by the co-author of the book
23-year-old businessman Matteo Salvato, in a photo provided by the co-author of the book “The Battle of the Future.”

Matteo Salvato is the antithesis of the prejudices of his generation. At only 23 years old, he is an entrepreneur and author with his brother Augusto de future battle (The Farm/Lea 2022). Six years ago, he developed the Háblalo app, a 140,000-user program that helps people with disabilities communicate. He is also the Director of Innovation at the ORT Institute in Argentina, an organization focused on education. He was born in the Caballetto neighborhood of Buenos Aires to an ordinary family whose ancestors emigrated from Italy to Spain before settling in Argentina. “I am 90% Galician,” he says to avoid confusion about the Italian origin of his family name. It exudes optimism and asserts that “there is a future,” that it is connected to technology, and to innovate, “you don’t have to be a genius, you just have to be a gullible.” It can be upsetting to those who already have more of the past than the future or to those who believe in pessimism, but he advocates that we live in the best of times.

I ask. The Count, the protagonist decent people Leonardo Padura believes: “If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” are you worried?

Answer. It didn’t happen to me that much. We Latinos have this obsession with the present because we live in a constant state of recurring crises that seem to never end. This leads us to spend an entire day tied up in figuring out what’s going to happen tomorrow, literally. Focusing all day on what I can do to survive tomorrow leaves you very little room to look into the future. For me, the future does not generate anxiety, but optimism and enthusiasm. There is nothing more exciting than the time that humanity has been waiting for. It’s complicated, but very fun.

There is nothing more exciting than the time that mankind has been waiting for

s. He asserts that Brazil has total rhinos (companies worth over $1000 million), Argentina has twelve, and Spain has dozens. Does this show technological potential?

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R was found. The Latin tech scene is better than we think. Most people don’t believe it, but Argentina is the country with the highest number of unicorns per capita in Latin America, even though it has the worst overall economy after Venezuela. Every time you scrape any piece of tech, it explodes in Latin America. Technology makes it possible to level the playing field and overcome obstacles. Latin America is resilient by definition and technology rewards it. Argentina is an example of being the country with the best technological human resources when coding is not taught in schools. We have positive variables even without trying, so imagine if we tried.

s. sorry for future battle that his generation had nothing to believe in and that the existence of this expectation was necessary for great social changes.

R was found. Latin Americans grow up with most adults telling you that the only option, if you want to thrive, is to leave the country. In the end, you convince yourself that there is nothing to do. But there is no better time in history for survival than now. Artificial intelligence, space exploration, possibilities to help people with disabilities… There are many problems now, but if you look ahead, the short-term potential of the world is incredible. What humanity can become, and how the people of my generation and the generations to follow can live is truly impressive.

s. Is this why you criticize that pessimism has good press because it seems intellectuals and optimism fools?

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R was found. Speaking well about Argentina does not give benefits. The haters [críticos destructivos de las redes sociales] They think we’re fools or haven’t lived long enough because we say there is a future. But you would be surprised what a country can change.

If technology is used to your advantage, it is the best thing that can happen to you, the best possible ally. If you are careless and let it come, it can be an absolute mess.

s. It warns, as a problem, that we are using technology and not the other way around

R was found. I’m not an absolutist to think that technology is good and all is well. If it is used to your advantage, it is the best thing that can happen to you, the best possible ally. If you are careless and let it come, it can be an absolute mess. It’s a double-edged sword. When an older person says: “Look at my grandson who knows how to use a file TabletsAnswer: “A genius is the programmer who made Tablets for your grandson to use. It is dangerous to leave ourselves to chance with technology. As tools to control people they are very impressive. But the Internet is already a way of life. People should be taught to distinguish false information from real information, and to act digitally.

s. Do you need to be exceptional to innovate?

R was found. To do great things, you don’t have to be a genius, but a gullible. I have one start [empresa emergente] At the age of 23, six years ago, I developed Háblalo, which allows companies to create a program dedicated to serving people with disabilities. Owning a company, succeeding, or doing something different doesn’t mean taking on a full-fledged career and being bigger. Many entrepreneurs who started to succeed are now in their twenties or eighteen. Today, the availability of information is an impressive thing, and those born accustomed to this availability are the people who can shape their future, doing things of high impact without waiting for the classic job or classic academic advancement and work. Always write the twentieth century.

What humanity can become, and how the people of my generation and the generations to follow can live is truly impressive.

s. Is Silicon Valley no longer needed?

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R was found. People think that to start a business you have to be in Silicon Valley and they give you a million dollars. Silicon Valley is the center of a lot of big things and a lot of companies, but the world is decentralized and it doesn’t go through there anymore. You don’t have to be in the US and funded.

s. Are there digital natives?

R was found. No one is born knowing how to use technology, but it is made so you know how to use it. What is important is not to be a consumer, but a producer, to be a hero and not just a witness.

s. He concludes in his book that the main problem now is the lack of a ruling elite. Do you see people in your generation ready to take on this leadership?

R was found. There is a lack of leadership in all areas, including private companies. There are no elite, there are people with money, and this is completely different. I obviously see willing people, but a very large process of cultural transformation is necessary. Today, the word entrepreneur is derogatory and used by an entrepreneur. But there is a change in mentality and collaborative culture in the world of technology. You have to follow that upward curve and try to keep changing those thoughts, but from the bottom up. It will not happen this afternoon that we will find people who are prepared for these leaderships, so that a critical mass will be formed.

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