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Actors and screenwriters Hollywood They stopped working years ago. Any regular viewer of American cinema knows this because he’s experienced it in his own flesh, but now it’s official. Thanks to the strike, Fran Drescher has turned from an unknown actress into the main character as the head of the 160,000 members of the organized syndicate SAG-Aftra.

Drescher is the Hollywood Agent, commemorating Agent PSP that appeared on billboards Popular Socialist Party led by Enrique Tierno Galván, easily hug the professor because his blue jumpsuit was clean. The protagonist of the TV series The Nanny, which looks like a horror movie and is her only memorable credit, serves as an excuse for George Clooney (personal fortune, 500 million euros) regretting that he “Actors can’t make a living.”. Personalities like Matt Damon (170), Jennifer Lawrence (160) or Meryl Streep (160) have been added to Lorca’s pathos, all of them on the verge of consumption.

The actors’ strike has been going on for a week now, with so few results that Jane Fonda (200) has yet to be caught. “You should drop your face in shame.”Drescher steals Greta Thunberg as if she’s playing the Swedish activist’s mother. This censure is not intended to shame fellow millionaires, but rather studio executives and loan sharks collecting the loot. “of eight digits or more”thus in the range of tens of millions of euros.

The Filipino tone is so cute that even those who live are forever in love with it Susan Sarandon (60 million instead of years) Not only do we feel a surprising sympathy for executives in the Hollywood industry, but we also think they get paid less if they have to deal with characters with the raging nature of a union boss.

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‘We are the victims’Drescher exclaims, In the boats they don’t talk about anything else. The trade union bellows with a rusty voice Yolanda Diaz He cries in the throes of the campaign, Jason Sudeikis, 20, holds a sign, and Mark Ruffalo, 35, nods reflexively in an application of style. comedians in the league want more money and less AI; From nature abandoned long ago. Luis Buñuel, whose cinematic credentials no one will dispute, asserted that “actors are stupid,” in the sense that they are obedient to any instruction. No one in their right mind would call Michael Douglas (350) an idiot, if only for the figure attached.

Even campaign nerds 23J They will be distracted for a few seconds by the angry image of Drescher next to a man with a mask who looks like Michael Moore (30), except he doesn’t make a sound. It was overwhelmed by the torrential influx of demanding trade unionists Walt Disney thatattachto its president Bob Iger (690) because he questioned the strike.

Mute baseball cap is Duncan Crabtree – Ireland, the leader of the script writers who allied themselves with the actors from the silent background or the third level that distinguishes them. Drescher is responsible for compressing the book to the minimum prominence they deserve. In an interview with Hollywood ReporterThe journalist mercifully tries to point the microphone at the screenwriter, but Drescher opens his jaws and twists the cartilaginous skeleton to continue possessing the real word. Anyone steal a phrase from Julia Roberts (250) from The Working Class.

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Supporters of the actors’ strike, who also believe Drescher sacrifices himself for his helpless colleagues, cannot be spared until they hear the next scene. The Hollywood factor revolts against the accelerating suppression of the current series. To prove it, he resorts to deceptive self-publicity. He enjoyed himself with half a dozen chapters of validity governess, compared to ephemeral products in progress. Even a person who is naive in love scenes on the screen will notice the selfishness and arrogance of this actress from her classmate’s school. Meghan Markle (60).

Maybe they didn’t notice Drescher He proposes to extend the mephitic series to feed the actors and screenwriters, with complete independence from damage to the audience’s palate. The idea of ​​a captive audience literally states that the surviving millionaires in the audience must swallow anything that is offered to them. The actor is always right; It is a pity that his method of abstention does not consider the strike of the spectators indefinite as irreversible.

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