Massive outrage from Mercadona customers for withdrawing these products without prior notice

A popular saying goes that it doesn’t always rain to please everyone and that’s exactly what happened with Mercadona’s customers, who had massive anger With the famous supermarket chain Countless products withdrawn without warning.

Led series Juan Roig He ended October with very good sales data, in addition, he sometimes broke the record thanks to the release of three products that consumers of the chain fell in love with.

In addition, the arrival of the month of November was supposed to be one of the things that Mercadona customers most expected, since with the arrival of each month new products that vary in the variety of materials and products for sale are on their shelves. however, This was not the case.

Without prior notice, Mercadona decided to withdraw from the shelves of more than 1,000 stores spread across the country many products that, according to their numbers, were not among the bestsellers of the chain. That was the decision Lots of criticism by believers from supermarkets In social networks, who were very upset by this unexpected decision of the company.

But, What products will you not see for sale in your supermarket?

general surprise

The Products you won’t find anymore More on the shelves of the nearest Mercadona to you include: edamame in SnackMarseille odor neutralizing soap, furniture polish, waffles and frozen lasagna bolognese.

They also complained that one of their best-selling ice creams, pistachio, asparagus sprouts, foot gel soles and Hacendado’s LCasei were pulled.

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