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More and more consumers are choosing to control their consumption Sugar. Those who come to completely remove it from their diet are already legion. Large food chains are aware of this trend, and are increasingly working to increase it Supplying all kinds of sweeteners. One of these chains is MercadonaWhich succeeds with a product that does not contain calories and, thanks to its price, is very popular with the public.

This new sugar substitute is called Haciendado Erythritol and Sucralose Sweetener. It does not contain calories and is beneficial Sweeten any kind of dishesor drink or prepare. Mercadona sells it in cans 200 grams at 3.30 euros. In other words, the price per kilo is 16.5 euros.

The sales success of Mercadona Erythritol has caused some establishments to be temporarily out of stock.

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