Mario Zanetti: “Spain is a major market; We have adapted our program to the maximum number of cruises in Palma »

Costa Cruises continues to grow in our country and plans to make new calls this summer in Spanish ports. The shipping company is still suffering collateral damage from the war in Ukraine and could again this year abandon the flight path through the Baltic capitals. How will you face next season in Spain? Will there be more calls in Spanish ports? – We have further improved our offer, which is now the best in our history, thanks to elements that combine unique experiences both on board and on the ground. We enter the year 2023 with great excitement. In this new year we will have a strong showing of the Mediterranean region, which continues to be one of the most popular regions with cruises offering many opportunities to discover and rediscover the beautiful destinations of Italy, France, Spain and Greece throughout the year. In addition to extending the summer season throughout the winter, guests will be able to enjoy scenic cruises to the Caribbean, the United Arab Emirates or South America. Focusing on Spain, we will continue to strengthen the offer for this key market, with greater commitment reflected, for example, in the Costa Diadema departing from Valencia from May to October, the Costa Smeralda and Costa Tuscany from Barcelona and even better connections with all our boats and programs from many cities in Spain. Related news standard Yes hoteliers fear a new extension of travel prices in Imserso Antonio Ramirez Cerezo The sector is still unaware of the government’s intentions regarding the future of the program and companies can continue to operate next year at lower costs – will the difficult economic scenario mitigate the euphoria brought by 2022 for travel? – If we look at the general trend, the cruise sector estimates that by the end of 2023 in the Euro-Mediterranean region, it will reach the level of 2019, when it registered more than 50 million cruise passenger movements. It is a fact that the sector is gradually recovering. We want to make booking easier for our guests by offering different ways to anticipate it in order to give them more flexibility when preparing for their trip. And so we think it’s important to adapt to it and give them the benefits of early booking for 2023, like choosing the best cabins or direct flights. – In Barcelona, ​​the threat to limit the return of cruise ships, does it worry you? – One of our main goals is to have the best cooperation and sustainability relationship with the cities that we reach with our ships. For our part, we consider dialogue and cooperation between all organizations essential. Sustainability is a cross-cutting and integral component of our business. Our strategy in this area includes the ambition to support the transformation of our ecosystem in all destinations that call our ships. In the case of Barcelona, ​​we have a very close relationship with the various institutions and together we work on sustainable initiatives that add economic and social value to this beautiful city. Colao threat “We are working with institutions on initiatives that add economic and social value to Barcelona” Mario Zanetti President of Costa Cruises – In Palma, the cruise restriction came into effect last summer. Has he made any changes to your plans? How do you rate the regulations? – The cruise industry has always demonstrated its commitment to the cities it ships call in and its respect for preserving the oceans/seas and minimizing negative impact on cities. We are closely linked to the city of Palma, its authorities and institutions, with which we maintain an ongoing working relationship. We have adhered to the decisions made by the CLIA and the Work Table and have adapted our programs to these measures. We always try to encourage dialogue and cooperation between all organizations to achieve fruitful results for all. – Last year the Baltic cruise was canceled because of the war. Everything indicates that the struggle will continue this year. Have you decided to do without it or are you planning to rethink the path? – It is true that circumstances forced us to reschedule flights in the capitals of the Baltic states this year, and unfortunately this may be repeated next year. For us, the safety of both our crew and guests is paramount and we will be monitoring the current situation closely with the hope that we will be able to return to these cities on the recommendation of the security authorities. The war in Ukraine “Unfortunately, we may have to reschedule the Baltic Capitals itinerary this year” Mario Zanetti Head of Costa Cruises – I was planning to call back in Doha (Qatar) in December, but the lack of capacity due to the world forced the authorities cup to use Cruise ships as hotels and banning entry to more ships. – We will return to Doha in mid-January, when he will be able to resume cruises thanks to the easing of health guidelines received from the Qatari authorities. We are delighted to have the opportunity to put Qatar back on our itinerary with the Tuscany coast across the Persian Gulf, as this destination is so much appreciated by our guests. What will Costa offer to the world this year? – Looking ahead to the coming months, we have very interesting news such as the enhancement of the ‘Spanish flavor’ on board our cruises following their successful 2022 or the unique cruises that will discover amazing destinations around the world. Among the various novelties are, for example, an exciting 22-day cruise on the Costa Favolosa through Northern Europe from Amsterdam or Bremerhaven to such highly desirable destinations as Greenland, Iceland and the United Kingdom.

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