Mario Vargas Llosa searches (again) for “Madame Bovary”

Mario Vargas Llosa’s decision to leave the house he shared with Isabel Preysler for seven years on the outskirts of Madrid to return to his home on Calle Flora in the capital of Spain is found in a story, wind, Published two years ago in the journal Free messages fertile ground for He tells again the literature he writes about the life of the Peruvian writer. Noble’s estrangement with the mother of his three children did not receive public comment, including Patricia Llosa, his cousin, whom he married in 1965.

the story wind It was published before a certain public or literary indifference, because, like the same character that was its author puppies In the said story, He reads less and less, plus each time he writes worse. Anyway, it seems that story and life run parallel, which is why they now collect newspapers, magazines, and TV shows dedicated to the comings and goings of their hearts.

According to these interpretations, what the hero of the story explains, A lost man whose old age forces him to bear his fartis a metaphor for the drama that Vargas Llosa was going through at the time he was writing the story.

wind Hence it would constitute the facts of the unstoppable rupture of that relationship. It follows that these two years have passed the author City and dogs They will live a situation whose expected end will be marked by the news that Isabel Preisler herself will present this last week in Welcome. The argument she gave in the historical record of the magazine she collaborates with was a show of jealousy on the part of her partner. He didn’t say anything about it.

The speculation that followed the official note from Vargas Llosa’s former partner was fueled by material in the now-oft-cited story. Many journalists or delegates have also added anonymous testimonies (attributed in one case or another) to environments As for relatives Even Madrid, and not only this city, is infected with experts in every aspect of that relationship which was broken off, just as it began, with essential media support from the aforementioned magazine..

It is unlikely that this series of interpretations were made to exist wind root Credibility not endorsed by the male protagonist of the fracture, must be accurately spelled out at least for Vargas Llosa to declare himself and complete what the event represents as a novel. Or perhaps there is henceforth a silence that welcomes the long wait for this sermon.

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Several years ago, in 1976, Vargas Llosa starred in an event that separated him forever from one of the great friends of his life: Gabriel García Márquez. The accident that led to this outage has been the subject of much speculation that is now circulating again. Fueled by the two silences, Gabo and Mario, that blow that the latter inflicted on its author a hundred years of isolation At the entrance of a movie theater in Mexico he was tied up as if he had been seen by a thousand eyes.

Resler’s version is the version of «jealousy & rdquor; From his partner They took Vargas Llosa’s story from his own, but he didn’t say anything.

Neither Vargas Llosa nor Gabriel García Márquez wanted to explain what had happened, and their wives, Patricia Vargas and Mercedes Barca, did not say anything either. However, over the years, there has been little in the world of literature, journalism and limb from They did not have any material to give copy and found only silenceas can now happen in this new case in which the Peruvian Nobel Prize is back again other the hero of the story. Resler’s version is the version of «jealousy & rdquor; From his partner Vargas Llosa is expelled from his own story, but he does not say anything. Like the Gabo/Mario rest stop, this other rest stop is open to all different versions.

While those mysteries with which the press (and not only the press) express their interest in the real issue of secession, the habit of linking personal life, political position and what the Peruvian author writes returns to the Spanish arena. While this relationship between those now separated has continued, citizens of the pen and political or cultural critics have speculated about the impact of the author’s social, even political, commitments. fish in the water They argued about their journalistic or fictional literature. From there, the attacks on his conservative political positions intensified, as an excuse to insult his literary work as well.

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On the days when this emotional outcome of his personal life occurred, there were speculations, many press releases and also many references to the meaning of wind. Perhaps the most fundamentally reflective of what could be a human interpretation of this situation that lives among Kafka and, by the way, some of the texts of Vargas Llosa himself, is the one that the writer has just posted on Facebook. Sergio Del Molino.

Your comment stems from that story, wind, precisely, and on what many present-day commentators infer from the author’s private life. Sergio Del Molino points out in the story, “There is far more tragedy than comedy, and more human truth than all the jokes, cynicism and hate about the old and the strong. on the situation It’s easy to laugh at a writer who’s so inclined, and that’s what anyone would do. bot From Podemos with four memes in hand on his mobile phone. The difficult and beautiful thing is to feel sorry for the lost man, of one who has everything and is everything and loses everything by the confusion of youth, by the pettiness of evil, and realizes too late that he is miserable, and has deceived himself without being able to excuse himself while he is young. The man excuses: he cannot plead inexperience & rdquo;.

Del Molino continues the story in which the protagonist regrets that he left his wife “Carmencita” for another he no longer remembers, this old man who cannot bear his farting and regrets it. B Cola (His penis, said this way in Peruvian) is no longer useful but to urinate” He got caught like an angry teenager in complete hormonal confusion” A figure like this “awakens sympathy and compassion in anyone who understands something about life and knows how easy it is to stumble and fall into the graves that we are digging with enthusiasm & rdquo;.

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It is not easy today in journalism, of any kind, to find an explanation of this kind, because, as Sergio del Molino himself told this journalist, it is very common now to notice “Moral arrogance is very unpleasant & rdquor; This leads many people to ridicule “man’s human weaknesses”.

Perhaps Mario Vargas Llosa will tell what he has been through and do so, once again, resorting to the fiction whose silence the press is now replacing. Meanwhile, he is known to have traveled outside Madrid, far from the scene and circumstances of that story. His son, Alvaro, uploaded to Twitter some photos of his father reading aloud the first edition of the book Madame Bovary, Flaubert’s work, which influenced his literature a lot. In February he entered the Académie Française, and such reading is certainly necessary in view of the general commitment which would unite him to the literary culture of the country which initially underpinned his career as a writer. This book and this novelist was indeed a touchstone for all his literature. Now he goes, again, in search of Madame Bovary.

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