Mario Vargas Llosa loves his freedom

The boy who lost his kingdom. Undisputed genius. The writer who takes off the clothes of power. Eternal lover. jealous. The primary author on the shelves of the library. tabloid personality. The man you don’t need to revere.

If something is won Mario Vargas Llosa (Ariquipa, Peru, 1936) is his freedom. And he had to start fighting for her very early. His life passed quietly during the early years. He grew up in the bosom of his maternal family, a small, wealthy kingdom of a mother, aunts, and grandmother, where the presence of the father was a shadow of fantasy. Believing in the family account that the father had died before he was born, the image of the man in a pilot’s uniform made the boy, Mario, imagine he was in the army.

It must not have been easy for the little boy to find himself at the age of ten standing father Who wanted to go back to being the head of the family, and on top of that, in a violent way. The man hated the Yusa family, and even the boy’s initial interest in literature.

Two years later, Vargas Llosa struggled Sexual assault by De La Salle’s brother. The episode turned the boy away from religion. Before long, his kingdom of Welfare collapsed at the hands of two men who abused his power. It is easy to glimpse the shadows of authoritarian men in the author’s early novels. A darkness, more diffused, frames his entire work. This was the statement of the Nobel Prize Committee for Literature when awarding him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010: “For his mapping of power structures and his stark images of resistance, revolution and individual defeat.”

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In the same way that the defense of liberty and individualism permeates Vargas Llosa’s work, his private and public life has also been referenced according to his moral standards. I was Marxist in his youth: “It would have been difficult for a young Latin American of my generation who discovered the huge inequalities and racism in our societies not to engage with socialism.”

He passionately lived the Cuban Revolution, but withdrew definitively when Castro imprisoned poet Heberto Padilla. She was sliding toward the far right of the political board and settling into liberalism. I was Candidate for the presidency of Peru In 1990 by the Democratic Front.

“I don’t want to carry an ideological label saying what I think within liberalism,” he says, “I already did in my youth. I prefer to think and express myself in every situation.” His comments range from calling Berlusconi a “clown” to being a disaster for Catalan independents. the nationalism Upon receiving the FAES Freedom Award from José María Aznar, he affirmed that it is “the greatest enemy of freedom in our time”. Clothes did not hurt when praising Isabel Diaz Ayuso: “We love her, we admire her and we are absolutely convinced that she has done a great job. (& mldr;) When she talks about freedom, people in Madrid listen because she interprets them and expresses”…

Oh, freedom. Is it the same that led him to appear in Panama Papers And those from Pandora as a director of a company based in a tax haven?

Where, without a doubt, Vargas Llosa exercised freedom in his love life. At the age of 19, he scandalized the family by marrying his wife’s sister. The surprise continued when they separated and marry his cousinhis cousin by marriage: Patricia Llosa, the woman with whom he had his three children and lived for five decades was marked by a love coming and going that he never hid.

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In one such emotional swing, he smashed his fist across the face of his hitherto great friend Gabriel Garcia Marquez. She did not like that the Colombian offered Llosa to get involved with him to make her husband jealous. The two writers never spoke to each other again. Both were among the greatest heroes of the Latin American boom that shook world literature between the 1960s and 1970s.

His relationship with Isabel Ressler has led him to all the covers of tabloids and entertainment compilations. The final split between them is spoiled by a particularly blissful affair. What if the reason for the breakup was his jealousy, what if it was superficial. Actually, what does it matter? The wind will carry all words, and only his covenant, in the spirit of eternity, will remain on the shelves of bookstores.

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