Mario Picazo let out a serious notice next week: “It’s very likely that he’ll visit us…”

April has offered more of a summer climate than a spring, just as the month of March has been progressing. Holy Week came with a stable climate in most of Spain, with temperatures exceeding expectations. Now, many are wondering what will happen for the rest of the month. “April, a thousand waters” is the saying of the thousands of people used to show this month, but right now, it looks like it won’t do it justice.

Mario Picasso, meteorologist, made his forecast for this week in which he indicated the unexpected heat wave that was approaching. “To the dry environment we’ve been dragging in for weeks adds a significant increase in temperatures. Projections indicate that in some areas, And it will be up to 15 degrees Celsius hotter than what we normally see.”

Regarding the possibility of precipitation this week, Picasso said, “Atmospheric dynamics continue to show A blocking status That it does not just break.” In this sense, the high pressures continue for the time being Fronts and storms Which is reached by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and north of our geography.

But what about the weekend?? “Starting on SaturdayWith the passage of the front across the north, a gradual decrease in temperatures is expected, which will be more evident in the northern half of the peninsula, especially on Sunday.

In this sense, it seems that the next week will start with a surprise: a storm. “It’s coming across the Atlantic and for the next week, coinciding with the long weekend in May, and could leave precipitation toward the last stretch in the west of the peninsula and then spill over into many other areas. We will be following the path of this storm, which could be the first in weeks approaching. from the Iberian Peninsula,” he confirms.

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A priori expected, by the end of next week Increased wind intensity The southern and southwestern constituents, as well as the waves on the western coasts of the peninsula and in the far west of Cantabria.

At the moment, forecasts also indicate this Rainfall will reach western communities Although the amount will depend on the progression of the storm with associated fronts to the east.

An El Niño phenomenon has begun

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Mario Picazo once again insisted on a frightening phenomenon. On April 9, he posted a tweet confirming that “it’s starting to take shape.” And the expert notes that “on a global scale, positive anomalies in water temperature prevail in our oceans. The El Niño phenomenon and the contrast between the warmer than normal North Pacific Ocean and the Pacific Ocean off the coast of America are gradually forming.”

It should be noted that “El Nino” is a A natural phenomenon characterized by fluctuations in ocean temperatures in the central and eastern part of the equatorial Pacific Ocean, associated with changes in the atmosphere.. That is, it has a significant impact on the climatic conditions of different parts of the world.

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