Maria Pillay and Alba Rig, singer of Sweet California, normalize their relationship

Maria Pillay He went to Socialité and was on the Telecinco show where he was interviewed He spoke openly about his relationship with Alba Riga member of Sweet California, because she’s tired of him always giving explanations about her sexual orientation. In addition, he also narrated the strange way they met.

The singer confirms that regarding His relationship with Alba “I never hid it.” And the more famous she is, the less she wants to hide it. “What’s more, as I became more popular, I hid it less. Why do I have to lie?” He kept saying.

In addition, she says that when they started, Alba had not yet said that they were together, but, on the contrary, she said it without hiding anything. “Alba didn’t say it yet at the time, and although it wasn’t known that we were together, I spoke openly,” she says.

Maria Bella wants them to stop asking her about her sexual orientation He claims: “We will begin to normalize.” Which is why the singer has become an LGBT icon as a result of her songs that claim love and free relationships between women. In fact, Maria said in Socialité that she would have liked to be an icon when she was young and not only in the world of music but also in the world of football, another of her passions.

How did Maria Belay and Alba Rig meet?

Maria Pillay has been in the music industry for fifteen years, but she tells the show that she doesn’t forget how in the beginning she had to juggle several jobs to make ends meet, which finally took its toll on her and it was there by chance that she met Alba. “At that time I combined being a social worker with my own concerts, in a musical, and also as a clown in a children’s hospital…”.

“She gave me a shock of anxiety on the subway, and here I met her (Alba),” she told “Socialité”. Since then they have become inseparable.

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