Marches in Lyon to commemorate the Iranian who committed suicide in protest against the regime

“When they see this video, I will die.” Twenty hours later, the bridge over the Rhone River in Lyon, where Mohamed Moradi (38 years old) committed suicide after this message was made public, instead of pilgrimage As for the Iranian diaspora in France, they flee and denounce the ayatollah regime.

In the video in which he announced his suicide, via various social networks, Moradi said: “The police are attacking people in the street, men, women, children and adults. Many have lost their children, adolescents and children: something must be done. I decided to commit suicide, in the Rhone, to show that we, Iranian people, as well Very tired of this situation. The Iranians decided to change our country.”

Timonti Amini, a spokesman for the Iranian community in Lyon (the third largest city in France) and its environs, commented on the suicide of his compatriot in this way: “Moradi decided to commit suicide to try Hear the voice of the revolutionIn Iran, the voice of the Iranian people is rarely published by the Western media.

Hajj and dhikr

Since noon and evening on Tuesday, the Rhone bridge where Moradi committed suicide has become a place of pilgrimage for Iranian dissidents who have taken refuge in France.

Leila Mohajer, a member of an Iranian opposition group, commented on the suicide of her compatriot in a press conference, with these words: “Moradi is married, has two children, and is well integrated, and she has no personal problems. But he decided heroic gesture for his country. He hoped that his death would be a reason for reflection and mobilization for Western governments and public opinion. Ukraine is spoken at all times. This is very beautiful. But very little was said about Iran, unfortunately for us, for the Iranian people, the victims of the ayatollahs’ regime.

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