Marcelo Vieira’s Farewell Speech Disturbed Real Madrid Fans Who Despise Kylian Mbappe

MADRID – Real Madrid captain Marcelo Vieira gave a speech in celebration of his team winning the 2021-2022 Champions League. At that moment Marcelo also gave a farewell because he was going to leave Madrid.

Unfortunately, during the speech there were some Los Blancos fans who disrupted the course of the event by shouting insults for Kylian Mbappe. Of course, it is a bit unfortunate that this happened because Marcelo was actually trying to be serious because he wanted to make a final impression before leaving the club.

Marcelo has been confirmed to leave after serving Madrid since 2007. As many as 25 trophies have been presented to Madrid during his 15 years of service.

Now, it is time for Marcelo to part with Madrid. The Brazilian player also gave a farewell speech to the fans who attended the parade celebrating the Champions League title.

“How could I not love you all,” Marcelo said in his remarks quoted by Marca, Monday (30/5/2022).

Some fans cheered to pay their respects to Marcelo. However, some others actually make statements that are not in place.

They even blasphemed Mbappe with harsh words. It seems that there are still many Madrid fans who have not accepted Madrid’s failure to recruit Mbappe.

“Mbappe son of a bitch!” said the supporters based on Marca’s report.

Real Madrid officials themselves have actually moved on after failing to get the services of Mbappe. Madrid president Florentino Perez has previously insisted that his club will continue to hunt for quality players in this summer’s transfer window and is reluctant to dwell on grief for too long.

“Madrid will continue to work to have the best players here, but Mbappe is a thing of the past. It (the transfer market) is not a problem, Madrid have had the perfect season,” Perez said.

Regardless of the incident, the Madrid players and their fans really enjoyed a series of events celebrating the 2021-2022 Champions League winners. The event was closed at the Santiago Bernabeu after previously had circled the center of Madrid.

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