Marca Awards: Jurgen Klopp’s best-kept secrets: This is how Van Dijk and Joe Gomez stopped Erling Haaland

yesIf it happens once he’s lucky, twice it might be a coincidence or coincidence, but three… will make it a confirmation. battle Erling Haaland vs Liverpool It has already become a personal thing for all of his heroes. About to reach the boiling point, on the way we also have the end of a file community shieldAnd, in the absence of a third confrontation, it appears that Jurgen Klopp I got Decode the secret formula to stop the Norwegian attacker.

soaked in the middle of the table and see posts that give access to a file Champions League (10 points), the “red” team jumped on the turf Enfield As if their contracts were at stake in every action. The defense underwent modifications (Milner, Gomez, Van Dyck, Robertson) But the plan remained the same: “It’s not easy to stop him. Can’t say more. I already said after Community Shield, when they criticized him for not registering, that Haaland would have been a nightmare for many defenses‘, said the Dutch centre-back in the preliminary match.

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“City has many chances to score and that’s why We have to stop the balls from reaching him and defend at our highest level. To be at our best overall, as we should always do against City.” Van Dyckwhich has already slowed him down twice this season, on How to determine Haaland. And that was the key to the match: intensity in every duel, marking all over the field and forcing the Norwegian to advance as little as possible into Alisson’s area.

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Red dot = Active actions Black cross = Ineffective actions

Red dot = Active actions Black cross = Ineffective actions

The duo chosen by the German coach (Ibrahima Konate He was disqualified due to a slight muscle strain) signed the best performance of the entire season. The difficulty of the match was extreme and the result couldn’t be better. When Haaland tried to wrestle with them, they knew how to stand their ground, get close to him and put their foot in just the right moment to annoy them as much as possible..

The Van Dijk and Joe Gomez’s timing was flawless And their reading of the game was as they had planned. The slogan was clear (“You have to stop the ball from reaching him”) and with excellent interventions they were also able to prevent the ball from reaching him. Kevin De BruyneHaaland’s best partner. My Heart The Red Team Signed a total of 15 refunds (One on the opposite court) and they only made two mistakes in the whole match.

(black dot = effective actions black cross = ineffective actions)

Haaland has only twice managed to beat his dance partners at Anfield. Two heads Alison saved without problems… Because to stop City’s 9, you have to accompany absolutely everything. The Norwegian striker has forgiven more than he usually does, which is practically nothing.

The “but” can only be found in the plan he designed Jurgen Klopp It was the air feuds, something you really depend on when you face the Norwegian giant. Haaland was brilliant in this aspect of the game winning 4 of 4 duels (Van Dijk signed 0 for 1 and Joe Gomez signed 1 for 5). On the other hand, their land disputes have been reduced to 43% (3 out of 7), which perfectly explains the good work of Liverpool’s defence.

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