Manchester United – Betis | Europa League: Pellegrini: “In football we haven’t lost the qualifiers before playing, we’ll try”

MAnd Anuel Pellegrini pointed out the few minutes that were between Anthony 2-1 and the corner kick that Bruno Fernandez made 3-1, as the reason for his team ending the match against Manchester United was very impressive, as he conceded a fourth goal leaving the tie. Practically rule. However, he refused to give up the card and confirmed that they would fight for a comeback in seven days in Benito Villamarín.

What happened to your team after the break

“We had a controversial first half and played well, had that shot against the post to put us ahead. Then Anthony’s great goal and corner kick ended the game. They felt so outclassed they managed to get another goal. Very disappointing that it was decided in five minutes.”

ball less than normal

“No, the first half was contested over possession and chances. Anthony’s goal gave them confidence and then with two goals they played more calm and we were more aggressive. After those two goals we weren’t the team we usually are.”

Did you lose your tie?

“No, in football, we don’t lose a game before we play. We have 90 minutes at home, and it wouldn’t be the first time it’s been done, and it wouldn’t be easy against a great team, but there’s no doubt we’ll try again.”

Where was the match key?

“The opponents’ superiority came after Anthony’s goal and the corner kick three minutes later. Before the 2-1 draw it was like the first half. With two goals scored, they improved a lot, gained confidence and we ended up staying.”

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What percentage do you give to your team?

“More than talking about percentages, you have to play a great game, have the chance to try. If we can, stay in Europe, if not in LaLiga, go as high as you can.”

Do you think a return is possible?

“First we have to focus on LaLiga to play a very good match against Villarreal, but after that we will try to reverse the difficult result, but we always have to try. If we are not able, we will focus on LaLiga.”

Is the locker room facing down after what happened?

“Of course, after the defeat, the dressing room is worn out. But we will try to reverse it, if we can’t, we beat Manchester with more weapons than we have. But we don’t give it up, we will try.”

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