Manchester City, the champion with the highest income in 2022

orOnce Fiscal year 2022 has endedit’s time to evaluate the results, as well as the benefits in the form of titles and certificates of appreciation as well The economic returns that have filled the club’s coffers are crucial to meet the next goals that arise.

to find out which one it was The champions entered the eight major leagues of the ancient continent, we rely on the latest report “Champions League 2023” from the specialized platform Football Benchmark, experts in economic data associated with the king of sports. And if we stick to the international ranking that appears, the Differences between major clubs In relation to the rest, they show the potential that one and the other carries.

Manchester City, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern, Milan, Ajax, Porto and Trabzonspor were the champions of the eight major European leagues. The top eight in which there are serious economic differences between the top four and the last four. Rather, a millionaire, according to data published by.

The jump between the fourth team in the standings Bayern Munich with €627 million deposited in 2022It ranks fifth on the list and is no different from AC Milan with 269 million, approximately 360 million. next to nothing. And if we compare it between the former and the latter, it can roughly be said that there is no color between the two teams.

The club with Pep Guardiola as general manager tops this benefit table, with a total 731 million euros17 million “only” from Real Madrid, last year’s La Liga champion.

Despite the fact that the differences are significant between the eight, the study concludes that all teams have a common denominator: with the exception of Porto (whose erratic continental performances have reduced their income) Each of them managed to increase their income compared to the previous year It shows, yes, “positive signs once life returns to normal after the pandemic.”

Audiovisual rights

The report splits this income between benefits earned through stadium tickets, media rights, and commercial initiatives. Real Madrid was the team with the most televised earnings, at €320m, followed by City (294m) and Bayern Munich (215m)..

The full stop is the expense department, with PSG and Real Madrid outperforming the rest. In the case of the Parisian national team, The arrival of Leo Messi, Ashraf Hakimi and Gianligi Donnarumma It meant an increase in payroll costs, about 45%.

As for the white team, their expenses have increased significantly (+29% year-on-year, €519m) mainly due to Contractual renewal of key players and bonus payments agreed to raise Orejona’s fourteenth award .

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