Man arrested for terrorist attack in Istanbul

And the Turkish authorities announced in the early hours of Monday that They arrested the suspected suicide bomber On the busy Istiklal Street Istanbulin Turkey.

The person who threw the bomb was arrested. The PKK/PYD terrorist organization is within the framework of our findings. “In the near future, we will offer them a reward in which those who caused us this pain can suffer more and more,” Soylu said in comments compiled by TRT TV. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vice President Fuat Aktay have said this previously A woman was responsible for the attackBut Soylu did not explain.

The leader of the ministerial portfolio linked the attacker to the Arab Republic of Egypt The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) armed groupwho indicated that he was ultimately responsible for the accident.

“The face of terrorism is bitter, but we will continue this fight to the end no matter what. Especially the sincerity of our so-called allies, who hide all the terrorists who seem to be our friends in their country, or bring the terrorists back to life in the areas they occupy, in the areas they rule, and send them money From their country. The senators are clearly dishonest,” Soylu said with regret.

Istanbul has witnessed several explosions in the past, including a Suicide bombing in Independence 2016 by a suspected member of the Islamic State that killed five people.

In the same year, Kurdish militias affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which Turkey considers a terrorist organization, claimed responsibility for the bombing. 38 people were killed outside a football stadium in Besiktas district In the center of Istanbul.

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