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Eating in restaurants is a great hobby for food lovers, especially if they are of good quality. thus, Restaurants play the most important role When presenting your message to the public. Among all kinds of food and present anywhere, choosing a good dining place that meets your requirements may not be easy.

But when certain restaurants measure up, the Michelin guide He is responsible, thanks to juries and private demands, in giving him fame Michelin stars that transform both local chefs and chefs into culinary geniuses

Although achieving this distinction is not something anyone achieves, and even more so, it is not just a Michelin star. If we stick to the numbers, just that 12 in all of Spain have 3 Michelin stars. Prestige aside, though, this type of place may not be affordable for many, since it has a price tag of around 300 euros per person.

But not all of them are like this. There is a restaurant in Malaga that despite being a Michelin star, It may be affordable for many budgets.

Caliga Restaurant

This restaurant, located in the heart of Malaga (Marquesa de Moya, 9) by Dani Cranero, is one of the latest novelties in the Michelin Guide. Since 2019, the chef has implemented Traditional dishes such as their stews Until he came to modernize it and make it one of the finest hotels. Perhaps because it hasn’t been in the Michelin guide for so long, it has reasonable prices for such quality.

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Their menu prices are 90 and 110 euros. The first of them is known as memory list, which offers four appetizers, six savory and three sweet aisles. while the second is somewhat thicker with four appetizers, nine savory lanes and three sweet lanes.

  • great menu memory: 110 euros

  • conjugation: 50 euros

  • menu memory: 90 euros

  • conjugation40 euros

  • price medium (with wine pairing)145 euros

according to straight to the palateresponsible for analyzing the restaurant’s menus, at the last party, this restaurant and the chef are from Malaga They were some of the most praised characters from all over Andalusia.

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