Makeup trends that suit everyone

Today, makeup is a part of our daily life, and for this reason, we are always looking for new techniques that enhance our features. In this sense, there are many New makeup techniques Which began to gain popularity among the community.

These techniques are used by various Famous Peopleas a reference for many of us.

We will focus on it Six of the most used makeup techniques. Find out what they all consist of!


It is a technique that aims to sculpt the face Define areas such as the cheeks or chin with makeup. To do this, a colored shade is used, which also provides blush.

specific, Two shades of blush from the same range are usedbut with different intensities, one lighter and the other darker.

To make it look natural, it is important to apply a little darker shade and then blend it. Then the light shade should be applied from the middle of the cheek towards the cheekbone. Thus, a gradation is obtained from lighter to darker.


It is a makeup technique used with products before the makeup itself. a) yes, It consists of mixing two products to obtain a product with more strength and effectiveness.

The most common is to mix a moisturizer with a little makeup base or mix your favorite shade of lipstick. Thus, a more personalized result is obtained and you get 2 in 1.

Improvisation is the key Wish the king! You will definitely discover the best combination for you.

the bread

It is the perfect technique for cover blemishes It results in soft and smooth skin. To do this, correct and transparent powders are used.

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Hence, it consists of Apply concealer creamApply one to two layers, depending on the skin, then blend with a brush. The product must be completely embedded in the skin. Then apply translucent powder.

After that, you have to wait about 10 minutes to get a file the bread perfect. It’s one of the techniques most used by the Kardashians!


It is probably the simplest technique on this list, but it also gives the best results for people who have tried it.

she was Created by a MAC makeup artist It consists of applying small touches of a Nude lipstick In areas such as the eyelids, forehead and cheekbones.

With this, a brighter and brighter appearance is obtained, highlighting and highlighting your facial features. Plus, it’s the body’s own heat that makes blending this lipstick easier, just as it does with cream or foundation.

For each skin tone, a different nude shade will be used that suits you perfectly. The results are amazing!


The contour is the technique used for Refine or enhance facial features using light and shadow. In this way, a more elegant and defined face is obtained.

It is the most famous of them, because the results obtained are more than satisfactory. Areas such as the forehead, chin, nose or jaw can be outlined.

The ideal products used to perfectly implement this technique are the following: blush, highlighter, angled contour brush, and bronzer.


Finally, now that we are approaching summer, one of the most used techniques for getting a tanned effect is stripping.

Technology depends on Use of bronzing powder From cheek to cheek, passing through the nose, mix the lotion well. The result is a tan that will leave you speechless!

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So what is done is to apply bronzer from the septum of the nose to the cheek from one side to the other without lifting the brush. The results obtained are very normal.

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