Madrid, the community with the most companies in the first quarter

During the first quarter of this year, the number of companies that changed their registered offices increased compared to the last quarter of 2022. The data has already arrived 1,544 removals, According to a study by Informa. This is the highest number since the second quarter of 2021. Among the different Spanish regions, Madrid has the highest positive balance.

Specifically, the The Community of Madrid tops the list Having won 31 new companies for these transfers. It is followed by Castilla-La Mancha, which has a positive balance of 26 companies, and Galicia, which has one of 25. According to the report, only four communities maintained a positive balance compared to the first quarter of 2022, while five remained. in a positive balance. negative balance.

which area Andalusia has lost the largest number of companies, With a negative balance between entries and exits of 58. In this period, 141 settled in this region, but 199 moved abroad. Its position has worsened compared to the previous year, as it had a positive balance of 12 in the first quarter of 2022.

On the waiting list, followed by the Basque Country, with 29 fewer companies, and Castilla y León with 19. These communities, as well as the Balearic Islands and Aragon, have moved from addition to subtraction, with the exception of Castilla y León. the five regions that remained in negative equilibrium It was Catalonia, Castile, Leon, Murcia, Ceuta and Melilla.

evolution over the years

In the general account, these movements are from companies experienced a sharp rise in 2017, As a result of the independence referendum in Catalonia, it reached 6,276 in the cumulative number for 2018. As of that year, the number decreased and remained at 4,503 in 2020. In 2021 it rose again to reach the second most significant number since 2015, a total of 5,401 , while in 2022 the number will be 5,034, according to the aforementioned report.

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Informa D&B Director of Studies, Natalie Giannis, confirms that since 2015, Only in five quarters have they exceeded 1,500 Transfers, the most recent in 2017 and the first two in 2018 and 2021.

economic impact

In order to analyze the economic impact of this phenomenon, Informa linked the moving companies to their invoices. In this sense, there are companies that move a large volume of sales, and therefore have more influence in the areas to which they move. In the study, Informa noted that The community with the highest balance is Galicia, It was the beneficiary of the transfer of Stellantis – the company resulting from the merger of Fiat, Chrysler and PSA – which was based in Aragon. for this change, The Aragonese society has lost 4029 million people euros, while the Galician got 3861 million euros.

In addition, Catalonia added €1,609 million with arrivals Six of the ten companies with the highest sales who moved during the first quarter of the year.

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