Madrid summer children | Where to go with the kids this summer in Madrid

Although Madrid seems like a city for grown-ups, it does Plans with the kids in the capital It is actually very simple. There are spaces and activities designed just for them, but there are also other places and activities where they can have fun without spending a lot of money. Green areas, recreational areas, cultural centers and museums with activities designed for the little ones.

Here are ten suggestions:

1. Ride the train through Juan Carlos I Park

Juan Carlos I Park is located near Ifemain the northeast of the city, offers an infinite number of possibilities to go with children: from free bicycle rental to explore the space, to different playgrounds with a wide range of games, as well as an artificial lake where you can watch ducks, several hills to practice different sports, in addition to To the Visit by train (free of charge) Where you can learn about the history and great diversity of the park.

2. An open space at Quinta de los Molinos

Madrid is full of big parks with many possibilities to go with the family. Among these other spaces is the Quinta de los Molinos which, in addition to offering everything in any other park, has an open space, a place that in addition to a games room offers many workshops and art activities to attend with the little ones.

3. The Slaughterhouse

At one end of Madrid’s great promenade is another Madrid RiverThere is an old slaughterhouse, which today has turned into a cultural center with many activities. In the summer they serve different urban camps For the little ones, like theater in English. The reader’s house also contains different activities related to reading for children. Finally, family visits can be made to the site to learn about the history of the building and the exhibitions it houses.

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4. Dummies of Solitude

If there is a classic plan for children in Madrid, it is “retirement dolls”. Since the fiftiesOn this stage in one of the most emblematic parks in Madrid, generations of children who have grown up and now accompany their children or grandchildren have gathered to watch the same shows they enjoyed when they were children. Every Saturday and Sunday, very close to the entrance from the Plaza de la Independencia, where the Puerta de Alcalá is located, the puppets again focus the gaze with their varied program and companies brought from all over Spain.

5. The renovated Plaza de España park

Plaza de España has one of the most attractive playgrounds for children, with different tube-shaped slides that can be accessed by climbing, swings, and even tubes that allow people to talk from different ends of the park.

6. Cinema, bowling and mini golf at the Ice Palace

Pie chart in the Ice Palace. If you want to add a little more fun to your family afternoon, in addition to a first-run movie you can take refuge in from the heat, CityPlay offer the option of playing on an 18-hole miniature golf course with special decoration and lighting that glows in the dark or indoors. Their bowling lanes with flood lighting.

7. Museum of Natural Sciences

For the most curious kids, a plan that always works is to visit the Museum of Natural Sciences. In addition to being able to see the skeletons of Big animals like dinosaursThe museum organizes many workshops and activities in which the little ones can become paleontologists or geologists for a while. There are museum camping trips, dinosaur workshops, and other activities to bring science closer to kids.

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8. Climb the walls

Most of the city’s climbing walls have them Special areas for children For the little ones to start doing sports. Even special plans designed for children’s birthdays and special occasions. Some climbing walls such as Sputnik Climbing, Urban Monkey, Indoor or Sharma Climbing have taken advantage of the wave of climbing fans and have all these options perfect to introduce themselves to the sport from the early years.

9. The Garden of Europe

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In Alcalá de Henares, this characteristic park offers the possibility to discover the main sights of European capitals without leaving Madrid. Admission is free, and in addition to the various monuments and children’s play areas, it offers a wide range of catering venues, as well as more daring attractions, such as trampolines, Pony rides, boating and adventure activities Like zip lines.

10. Railway Museum

In the Delicias old train station This quirky museum is where you can see some of the preserved historic trains of the capital. In addition to visiting, they usually offer workshops and activities specifically for children, and in their outdoor space they also keep a small steam train to make a little circuit that delights young children.

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