“Madrid is going through a good moment, there are clients for all budgets”

Tomás Nofre is a businessman of dynasty. Traveling and observing, he has created restaurants that bet on different gastronomic concepts, and now he returns with a proposal inspired by the old Italian salumerias, which he discovered on his travels to Bologna. Nofre identifies himself as a businessman with long range vision, He assures that the problems faced by restaurants are refuted with loyal customers for the good service that each company can provide.

Tomás started his career in a Japanese restaurant, then jumped into the world of healthy food. Now back to the stage with a file Italian pub Guaranteed commitment to the gastronomic growth located in Madrid. Salutteria Luchana is the jewel in the crown because of its location, its aesthetics, and the work of interior designer Adriana Nicolau, a highly regarded professional as well as his wife.

How did the idea of ​​Saluteria come about?

– Like all concepts of hospitality, travel and interest in gastronomic proposals: the case of Miss Sushi in France and Bumpgreen in London. In the case of Salutteria, it was in Bologna, walking around downtown, and I saw all these wonderful salutterias and prosciutterias.

– How many restaurants do you already have in Madrid?

– With my partners and co-founders Santiago Benito, José Ángel Torosio and Adriana Nicolau, we opened our first Saletteria restaurant at 9 Via Velazquez in Madrid. In 2022 we start expansion with two new restaurants, at Corazón de María 57 and Luchana 22 in Madrid.

– How many jobs do you generate in restaurants?

– about 30 people.

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Do you have an existing expansion plan?

– I’m working on it, because I always think long term. I’d rather lose a good opportunity than make a bad deal in a hurry. I’m now focused on improving my Celtic management model so I can get going. In addition, with inflation, high prices for energy and raw materials, and the difficulty in finding hospitality professionals, the management of our restaurants must be impeccable.

– High prices, especially foodstuffs, cause consumption to be contained. How to overcome a difficult economic moment?

Those who offer a good product, care about their customers, train their staff well and propose something different from the competition shouldn’t worry about any of this. Madrid in a good moment, In terms of gastronomic. There are customers for all budgets, just click on the offer. You may be wrong, but you cannot fail.

– Your immediate projects?

– On June 1, we will open the Rooftop of Salutteria Luchana (22 Luchana Street), as well as our new Bumpgreen Restaurant (Fortuny 7).

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