Madrid Book Fair | The Madrid Book Fair will honor Antonio Gala and Javier Marías in recent days

Madrid Book Fair The book will honor Antonio Gala in the last days of its 82nd editionwho passed away on May 28, and Javier Mariaswho died in September 2022, with separate acts that will remember their lives and work.

Antonio Gala will be honored next Friday, June 9th It will bring together family members, friends, colleagues and readers, as well as the writers and poets who have lived in the Antonio Gala Foundation and who will recite poems in his memory.

Francisco Moreno, President of the Antonio Gala Foundation for Young Creators, and José María Gala García, Director of the Foundation and nephew of the honoree, will participate in the event, which will also include the “Remember Gala” round table.

Honoring Marías (Madrid 1951-2022) cHe will miss the Madrid Book Fair by reading parts of his work All readers who wish can join it.

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Pilar Reyes, Managing Editor of Alfaguara and Editor of Javier Marías, and Eva Orúe, Director of the Madrid Book Fair, will be responsible for opening the event and making room for the readings.

This is a tribute from the book fair in Madrid to Maria Add to those that have been made available in recent months: Círculo de Bellas Artes, organized by the writer’s friends; The popular readings of his works held in Segovia, during the Hay Festival, or the halls developed at the 9th International Congress of the Spanish Language in Cadiz, as well as the issuance of a postage stamp The Post Office reproduces the image of the author from Madrid.

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