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For the first time, a group of Brave and bold editorials This challenge had its own space within Madrid Book Fair: Indomitable editorials. During the exhibition’s opening weekend – May 26, 27 and 28 – they made their publications available to readers who are becoming increasingly curious and eager to explore the boundaries of the concept of reading. From experimental novels to avant-garde comics, through subversive poetry, provocative essays, concept books, shoeboxes or cardboard posters, Editoriales Indómitas has brought to retirement a diverse and lively catalog that defies any expectation.

This appearance in Madrid Book Fair It was a Trojan horse Poets Festival, to demonstrate by merging art and literature just how far creative talents can go when it comes to exploring language and form. Coordinated Poets Baby Olona It begins on September 30th at the Ateneo de Madrid with an ongoing program of initiatives, both national and international, that manipulates possible ways of conceiving and consuming literature.

the Indomitable editorials They were the primary guest who was missing at the book party. They do not consider themselves revolutionaries, unless revolution means having a good time, and that is because, despite the torrential rain, their center is perpetually besieged by onlookers, experts, friends, and satellites. artists of stature Alberto Garcia Alex And some references about the city eg Garlic, Javier Corcopado or Violetta Gil, Who were booksellers at the fair’s most personal stand for a few hours, relishing the inherent joy of expressing themselves without any kind of boundaries or conventions.

these alternative content creators, Deeper and more open-minded than publishers traversing across the sector’s general circuit, they come from very different backgrounds and generations, enriching a variety of perspectives from which to encounter the story, sometimes skipping the words, and jumping straight into the experience.

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Pepe Olona, ​​who also directs Arrebato Libros, intends for the representation to vary each year, in an effort to cover an increasingly wide and varied production. In this edition, visitors were able to enjoy the silent books of Roberto Ikesson and Desiree Rubio, From the collected journals de La Más Bella y La Lata, from the fans more subversive such as Almacén de Análisis and its Lessons for a Better Life; From The Infinite Stories by Kate Cannibal; From the book The Factory Artist Las Serfas; And fans like the versatile Mancebía Postigo and even the oldest in our country: El Naufraguito

In addition, they had a very peculiar international representation: the editorial collection of Peruvian poetry Álbum del Universo Bakterial; DocumentA / Escénicas de Córdoba art books (Argentina); whimsical decorations brought over from New York by Ugly Ducky Presse; the evocative handicraft books of Pez en Hilo, from Montevideo; Or the publications of the trio of publishers: Hambre, Salvaje, and Jardín, from the Nada Bookshop in Bogota.

New interpretations of classic tales, irreverent artists’ books, guides to surviving literature, interesting books, original books that don’t follow the usual distribution channels, and experts in limited production have come forward for the first, but not the last, Madrid Book Fair Thanks to the brave editorials Alkibla, Cabeza de Chorlito, LUPI The only Door to the Left, Media Vaca, Meninas Cartoneras, Cartonera del escorpio azul, Fuera d Carta, Piedra Papel Libros or Arrebato Libros.

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Those penetrated by the indomitable pill, the words dedicated to the POETAS Festival by the former President of Uruguay Pepe Mújica, invite you to visit them and explore the possibilities of everything that suits literature:

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Dear poets of Spain, Home of brass bands and tambourines, Years have piled up and it’s hard for me to travel, But take your breath from the south; If poetry existed, it would certainly fly around and I hope the magic of words will allow us to communicate in some way; Always, forever, for hope, for always starting over to the end& rdquo;.

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