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Madrid is known by many as metropolitan bars and restaurants, Especially the appetizers. With the arrival of good weather, what you want is to go out and enjoy it and with it, go out for a drink in a typical place near the center of Madrid. Despite the variety of restaurants in Madrid, there is a trend that will not let lovers of literature and art down, and these are the bars with the so-called Literary cover Consist of tapas inspired by books such as “The witty Don Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha” or “El Lazarillo de Tormes” and which take place in restaurants such as Silvano Marcaibo house in Segovia.

A fusion of gastronomy and literature

What La Tapa Literaria intends to do is Lovers of reading and good food unite In a place where he savors some delicious appetizers without forgetting his passion for literature. Each restaurant is inspired by different classics. El Jardín de Arzábal Restaurant is inspired by Marco Polo’s travels around the world, and the publication of his works “The Book of Wonders of the World”, with its famous cover “Tartar Steak” On brioche bread with beer.

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On the other hand, Duelos y Quebrantos is one of the tapas that Hotel Villa Real offered to someone who was inspired by quixote. “El Lazarillo de Tormes” is the reason Estado Puro serves tuna tartare tapa with Salvadoran corn and pickled onions.

For its part, the restaurant Arzábal Retiro Tavern It is based on cinema and above all on film.”Gilda‘, which served as the inspiration for its cover. Gilda Arzábal’s take on Rita Hayworth’s character is one of the most famous skewers in gastronomy.

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