Madrid | A magistrate paralyzes La Central de Callao’s sale, which is considering moving into the building opposite

The Commercial Court No. 6 of Madrid has suspended the auction process of the mansion in which this library is housed since 2012, since the company that owns it is in bankruptcy.

La Central, one of the most famous bookstores in central Madrid, will move from the palace in which it is located, at Postigo de San Martin Street8, next to Plaza de Callao. Since 2012, when the Feltrinelli Group became part of the company’s shareholders, they have occupied this building. According to the local workers who informed EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA, the idea that the company is considering is to move to another establishment opposite the current one in mid-January, once the Christmas season ends.

No. 9 on the same street is a much smaller area, at only 278 square meters, compared to the 1,329 square meters in which it is now distributed. The new site includes Júlia Perfumery before it closes and before it closes It was occupied by Perfumería Oriental. With the change of venue, La Central will lose two of its great attractions, other than the books: the cafeteria restaurant, Bistro and cocktail bar joint. The owner of the free building in front of La Central has been Inmobiliaria Fernández Sedano SL since 2008. The lease has been communicated to Gilmar.

The building where the Callao Perfumería Júlia store is located. / Alba Figari

In principle, the intention of the library is to move later, according to the workers, to a farm with characteristics and facilities similar to the current ones. Running low on budget, La Central’s owners began looking for locations, ie Exit the Gran Vía-Callao hub. Among those they explore, those in the Justicia neighborhood stand out. Right now, La Central notes, “there was no more news” than was reported after this building’s auction, on June 23 of this year, than it reported. confidentiality. At that time, the property was awarded at auction to 11.35 million euros A price above the auction value of €10.8 million.

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As the company that owns the property that houses La Central is mired in legal action – the auction of the building and the company’s bankruptcy – the future of La Central is up in the air. Although the data provided by the workers, Transportation may be delayed longer than expected.

The history of the palace

You have to go back to December 15, 1997 to find the owner of the property, the company of Aragonese origin Postigo SA Real Estate There were no reviews of this company in Burme until 2005, according to InfoCif, when the board of directors was made up of the Trillo Murciano brothers.

2006 is a favorable year for Inmuebles Postigo SA On July 17, the company rearranged its management, dismissed the Trillo Murciano board of directors and appointed two joint directors, Francisco Javier Lacheras Pales and Ramon Alfonso Galeanas. The former was sentenced in 2020 for fraud against the Treasury in selling the old Coliseo de Zaragoza cinema, according to a publication. Aragon newspaper; For his part, the second was the Minister of Economy in the government of this region between 1987 and 1988, although he ended up being investigated for tax fraud, use of false invoices and falsification of accounting entries, it was reported. general in 2016.

Building of the La Central de Callao library in Madrid. Alba Figari

Two months before the change of council, the company owning the mansion He signed an eight million euro loan with Caja Rural Aragonesa, with a maturity of three years. Later, this credit was extended until July 2024. This is not the only debt that appears, because in 2010 another 1.7 million were signed with Nueva Rural Caja de Aragón, which was not fully withdrawn, although the maturity was extended to the same as before. Also in 2010, the company changed from joint administrators to a sole administrator. At this point, Alfonso Galeanas was dismissed and Lachiras Bales remained. After changing the identity of the sole shareholder in 2017, Lasheras ceased to be the sole official to become Vicente Jiménez Gimeno in February 2022.

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On December 20, 2021, Nueva Rural de Aragón asked the Madrid Court of First Instance No. 32 to proceed with the foreclosure of the first mortgage. With no further news since December last year, the Official Gazette of May 31, 2022 announces a judicial auction, for which €8.55 million is claimed, as the Callao Palace to be commissioned. This was scheduled to start on June 3 and end on the 23rd. But according to judicial sources, the company filed for bankruptcy in June this year. This did not prevent the existence of a certificate of closing the auction from the State Gazette Agency. According to the same sources, The auction was going to be paralyzed by the Commercial Court No. 6 in Madrid. This means that the sale was not closed in favor of the winning bidder and to the detriment of the remaining subscribers, who deposited 540.000 euros, which, as confirmed by EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA, were not returned.

55% above the market price

The building in which La Central is located was sold for 11.85 million euros, which means 8,540 euros per square meter of property. This is a fairly large amount, although it is understandable at the same time. According to real estate data platform Brainsre, the average price of the census where the mansion is located is €5,450 per square metre. This means that those who bought the property paid 55% above the market price. However, in this case he has a disability It is a complete asset and not a building within a building with a horizontal division.

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There is little history of transactions of this kind in this region. As mentioned confidentiality In June this year, Cortina Koplowitz offered €12 million for a nearby property, located at 6 Calle Maestro Victoria, is owned by El Corte Inglés. Its offer is lower than that of La Central, at €6,315 per square metre, although it is above the market average.

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