Macron visits a police station by surprise to praise law enforcement on behalf of the nation

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, presented Mrs Surprise visit to the Paris police station At midnight from Monday to Tuesday, to give a Moral support for the 45,000 police officers Gendarmerie deployed all over the country.

Accompanied by the Minister of the Interior, Gerald DarmaninThe President of the Republic visited a barracks in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, north of the capital, in the area “on the borders” of the suburb “Dahieh”.

The Bessiere barracks, which Macron and Darmanin visited, are service stations Crime Prevention Brigade (BAC) from the Paris region.

the The visit was not planned or scheduled officially. According to the official spokesperson for the Elysee, “The president wanted to thank the competence, responsibility and sense of duty in mobilizing the state security forces for the benefit of the entire nation.”

The visit of the head of state took place a week after the outbreak of the crisis, on Tuesday night last week, as the government and public opinion seemed to expect The vandalism and fires began to subside Significantly.

This coincides with an upward assessment of the human, social, political and economic cost of the crisis. At the same time that Macron was visiting a police station, Geoffroy Roux de BisioPresident of the French Employers Association for a while The catastrophic balance of the crisis: «It is too early to achieve a final balance, but it is feared that the economic cost will exceed one billion euros, as a result of the destructive anger and sheer violence. Not to mention the cost to the hotel sector, small, medium and large businesses, individuals and the very humble who lost their cars or had their homes caught fire, the entire nation saw its democracy threatened and its daily life severely damaged.”

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