Macron proposes rebuilding Africa’s relations with Europe

he French President Emmanuel MacronA five-day African tour begins, from 1 to 5 March, and on Monday afternoon presented the main objectives of that trip, which aims to “lay the foundations” for a “new historical cycle of relations” between France and Africa, “with a north-south European perspective ».

In Macron’s opinion, the national, bilateral and multilateral interests of France, members of the European Union and African countries are “inextricably linked” in these areas: questions of geostrategy, The fight against terrorism and the economic and social future, Development of new European and African cultures.

France is the only Western country that still has a significant military presence in West Africa, when Putin’s Russia started the process of “occupying territory”. Macron is the only Western president to have made two state visits to the African continent, in five years.

Without explicitly naming Russia and Russian militias close to Vladimir Putin, Macron warned in his conference before his official visit to Gabon, Angola, Congo Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of the CongoWe do not want a policy of confrontation. But it is good to remember that our French, European and African geostrategic interests are closely linked.

Review of the French military presence

In the purely military field, Macron intends to review the French presence in West Africa, and to negotiate new bilateral agreements with the countries concerned. «Together, the French and the Africans, we fought and achieved common victories and tragedies. The French President stressed the need to continue cooperation for the benefit of all.

Macron continued, “Our strategic interests are inseparable from the amazing challenges that we must face together,” adding: “In addition to our common security, our French and European growth will depend more and more on African growth, and in this and it is logical that the French and European responsibility is to finance growth with investments and aid.” Africa’s Economic and Social”.

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Macron proposes the creation of a European and Franco-African “axis”, based on the defense of new substantive relations in many areas, from culture to education, from health to the environment.

“We stand for democracy, freedom, private initiative and education. Our universities should be more present in Africa »

Emmanuel Macron

President of France

The African tour and the proposals of the French president are part of the historical logic of Francophonie: the demographic future of the French language lies in the French-speaking African countries. “Our French culture is enriched by African traditions,” said Macron, indirectly praising the cultural mix: “We stand for democracy, freedom, private initiative and education. Our universities must be more present in Africa. In France we will build the house of African cultures. The future of our relations depends on interests In the framework of a new type of European cooperation, next June we will organize a major international conference between the North and the South in Paris to promote dialogue between Africans, French and Europeans.

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