Macron presents his plan to save water and turn the page on pension reform

Emmanuel Macron fears that France may suffer in the coming years on the 2030-2050 horizon, brutal cut from 30 to 40% of the available water. Hence the need for a national drought control plan with two strategic objectives: to prepare for the coming summer and to begin the transition in the medium and long term.

The French President presented this project early Thursday afternoon: a national environmental plan, in Savines-le-Lac (Hautes-Alpes), presents the first emergency measure: the mobilization of 100 million euros, in the short term, to provide immediate assistance to potentially The first 2,000 French cities are most vulnerable to drought. Muster, in the medium range, more than 6000 million eurosIn the next few years to reorient consumption, reuse and reduce water consumption.

Five strategic axes

In the medium term, Macron aspires to an “unprecedented modernization of our water policy” with five strategic axes:

– «Accelerate with sobriety the consumption of water, at all levels, from the state to families, cities and regions. It is a great national challenge.”

– “Fighting leakages and waste with all kinds of excesses, modernizing and modernizing water distribution.” In this field, the French government plans to invest about 6,000 million euros to accelerate the water economy.

– “Huge investment in wastewater reuse. Just for the time being We reuse 1% of the water used. We must change the paradigm and reuse 10% of the water we consume.”

– “Keep pace with the transformation of our national agricultural model.” Capital point that requires special projects.

A great atomic power, both civil and military, Emmanuel Macron still believes that atomic energy is the “most ecological” and should be well integrated into the national strategy to combat drought and better use of water.

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I confirmed, a few days ago, the national plan to build new nuclear power plants, in the National Assembly, the first chamber of the national parliament, about new investments “to adapt our plants to climate change.”

“We have to adapt our nuclear power complex to climate change,” Macron declared, adding: “12% of the national water consumption is devoted to these plants. We must start a large investment plan to achieve many energy savings and allow our power plants to work better in the closed circuit.”

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