Macron officially enacts the retirement law in France

French President Emmanuel Macron officially promulgated the pension law proposed by his government, hours after the French Constitutional Council approved the main pillars of the controversial reform on Friday.

The announcement was published around 4 a.m. on Saturday in the country’s Official Gazette, which publishes all the regulations that come into force in France.

With the words “in the first paragraph (of retirement rule), replacing the word “sixty-two” with “sixty-four”, France raises the retirement age, the point that caused the most controversy in the unions.

From the Elysee, it was already indicated that the only thing missing was the approval of the Constitutional Council to take the next step and Macron stamping his signature, in a move symbolizing a step forward for the executive after weeks of protests on the streets of France.

After this endorsement from the Council, French unions rejected President Macron’s invitation to meet on Tuesday, claiming that there would be no dialogue until the controversial reform was withdrawn, in addition to calling for what is expected to be a large demonstration on May 1.

This Friday marks the 12th day of protests that have erupted across the country and have resulted in at least 112 arrests in the last day, according to French security forces.

The moves date back to January, and unions had already warned they would stick with it if changes were not made to some pillars of the law, such as an increase in the retirement age from 62 to 64.

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