Macron calls for unity to confront major threats, “including nuclear”

In his festive message on New Year’s Eve, Emmanuel Macron sent a message to the unity of the nation “to face the great challenges and threats that lie ahead, including the nuclear threat.”

The President of the Republic began by raising the “urgent need for unity and solidarity” in the face of the drama that has settled in the heart of Europe: “The unity and solidarity of a nation are necessary to face a world so cruel. Division will prevent us from emerging and succeeding in such difficult and dramatic times, when some empires aspire to dominate by force.».

Before addressing immediate challenges, Macron raised the “tragic gravity” of events in 2022: “the outbreak of war in Ukraine, in the heart of Europe, and its repercussions on energy prices and pocket money.” Our compatriots and the consequences of the global covid-19 pandemic. We were divided and could not get out of the challenges facing us in France and Europe.

Macron gave the unity and heroism of the Ukrainian people against the imperial aggression of Putin’s Russia as an example: “We must take similar behavior, with pride and confidence, ready to re-establish France and Europe, to jointly address the problems that await us “in a spirit of solidarity and social justice with the young and the less fortunate» .

Big repairs

On a purely patriotic level, Macron reaffirms his presidential ambition: “We must reformulate many of the principles of our state and common life to improve the effectiveness of our social system and our health system, to stand in solidarity with those who need it most. With the professionals who defend our security, soldiers, police, gendarmerie and health workers And teachers and professors who take care of our health and education.

President of the Republic They insisted on the urgent need to reform the social security and pension system: the most symbolic and failed reform, for decades. Macron declared that the new French model “will enter into force at the end of the new year that begins”. With these basic principles: «We must do more. This is the aim of the reform, to be able to consolidate our pension system, which would be threatened if we did not reform it, without paying more taxes.

On another note, Macron insisted on the need to “re-establish” other capital issues: school, health, transport … Build the reactor more developed. On the European scene, Macron set Ukraine as an example and a legal model: “The Ukrainian people will always count on our solidarity until victory. The Ukrainian people are counting on France and Europe to build a solid and lasting peace.

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