Mabe says goodbye | The Community Manager who was behind the successful Mapi Twitter account

“I want to invite you to a very special day for me: it is my last program,” Mabe commented In an invitation where it was made clear that the program would end on Thursday in Klan, Where it was broadcast these weeks. This software is imported from Japan, farewell to TV.

But, why did he stand out the most This program is for his Twitter account, They have been a popular topic on several occasions due to their high-profile responses to tweeters.

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Carla Bolpon She is the actress behind -rather inside- the character, but she is not the one who uploaded the profile on the social network. In one of his last tweets on Thursday, Mabe revealed who he was Community manager.

If you like, you can say hello to my boss. He is a writer named Hematocrit. Send him my greetings! The account also confirmed that, in the same account, they shared some moments on TV.

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