Luz Gabás, a well-established career in historical novel before winning the Planeta . Prize

Planeta Prize-winning, Aragonese writer Luz Gabás, confirms a strong path within the historical genrein which he made his literary debut with a bestseller Palms in the snow.

Born in 1968 in Monzon (Huesca), Gabes Graduated in English Philology He obtained the position of a permanent university professor.

In 2007 he wrote his first novel “Palms in the Snow”, which he published in February 2012, which became the most successful Spanish debut of that year.

In addition to being translated into many languageswas in recognition of the success of the novel adaptation to cinema Directed by director Fernando Gonzalez Molina, which received a good response from the audience and won two Goya Awards.

Posted in 2014 “Back to your skin”located in the Pyrenees in Huesca in the sixteenth century, which Raises cruel repression against magic; And in 2017, “Like fire on ice”A love story set in the years of the Karelian wars and revolutions in the nineteenth century.

his latest novels, The book Heart of the Earth, published in 2019, is a tribute to rural Spain Through a detective plot mixed with the romance of the author’s generation.

Nowadays, Jabas She resides in Benasque (Huesca), the city in which she was a mayor s Between 2011 and 2015the year in which she lost an absolute majority, which prompted her to quit her job as a councillor.

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