Luis Landero: “In every book and in every line I give myself to literature in a non-negotiable way”

He was exactly on his way to Extremadura when he received the news. For personal reasons, he was traveling to Badajoz and on his way picked up the phone to discover that he had won the 2022 National Prize for Literature – awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports -. To the writer of Extremadura Luis Landero Duran Surprised him (Al-Burkiki, Badajoz, 1948).

He cherishes the awards and still isn’t used to it. The first was in 1990, almost 30 years ago, and only a year after the publication of his first novel. late-life games. Since then, the awards have not stopped. In 2005 he reached the Extremadura Medal and only in 2022 he was responsible for delivering the speech at the region’s highest awards. These “things are never expected,” Landero asserts. “What am I going to say about that? Huge joy and pride. I feel grateful and happy.”I didn’t even know it was failing today. I am surprised”, Tells. “The truth is I don’t expect any award, if it comes, well, you’re welcome, but that’s a huge honor,” he adds.

“In every line I give myself to words in a non-negotiable way”

“He maintained, with the same enthusiasm, the impulse and originality already evident in his literary beginnings and which led him to preserve among his readers an immense capacity for astonishment,” the jury highlights the novelist.

“I think that’s what I most agree with the jury.. From my first poems when I was 15 years old until now I have tried to do things to the best of my ability and give my best. In every book, and in every line, I give myself a non-negotiable way of literature and letters. I hope they are also right in the other compliments they have given me, “such as the fact that they give him this award” for being an exceptional narrator, creator of many fictional stories with highly expressive characters and excellent ambiance and writing, restoring the Cervantes tradition with mastery of humor and irony and masterfully incorporating the role of fiction””.

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As a teenager, poetry and music arrived. Later literature and teaching. however, His childhood in the fiftiesIn the middle of the post-war period, in the rural environment of Extremadura, he made an impact in his life and, accordingly, he has expressed this over the years through his writing.

He grew up in a peasant family and from his land had not only good words, but also good letters. “A lot of the things I write about are very inspired by my childhood, in my city. All that world I knew when I was a kid, the way I talked about my parents, about my whole family, affected me. His way of expressing himself was a literary school.”

A clear example is his work balcony in winter, an autobiographical account that spans from his experiences from his early years in Albuquerque to his move to Madrid to study Spanish philology at Complutense University. Others are a story This is my land the novel Emerson’s Grove Or a guitarist. “These are the stories I like to tell,” he gives up.

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