Luis Costa: “Rave culture has broken patriarchy on the dance floor”

Q: What pleases, dances, or makes people dance the most?

R was found. I really love to dance, but having an audience and having them dance is amazing. Feel like a kind of ringmaster.

Q: Is playing the guitar the same as dancing?

R was found. No, it’s a way of imitating musicians.

Q: Why do rockers have trouble dancing?

R was found. Do they have a problem?

Q: You don’t see a lot of dancing at concerts and rock bars.

R was found. Rock audiences love to dance when there is a session. In the end, dancing is limited to a club or disco. At concerts, people still go more often to listen to the artist.

Q: What great dancers have you seen in action?

R was found. Club dancers are very anonymous. I’m partnering with Sonia Fernandez Pan, who just posted release, the idea of ​​dance as a continuous flow in which dancers perform vampire moves while simultaneously incorporating new moves. with all disc jockey From Northern soul Cape Darg. And very close: also Eduardo Domingo disc jockey From Northern soul. He is the organizer of the Movin’ On Club.

Q: Northern soul in the mid-’70s is associated with amphetamines and the rave scene of the late-’80s can’t be understood without ecstasy. How do drugs and dance to harmony?

R was found. These pairs were produced to withstand many hours of dancing. But club culture is something much broader, in which drugs may or may not be present.

Q: Why has the authority traditionally rejected informal dancing?

R was found. In the 1950s, dancing was another element in the birth of youth as a distinct social segment. For the powers that be, free dancing means keeping part of the population out of control.

Q: It is surprising to read in “Dance You” that Margaret Thatcher’s government set up a police group to persecute “rave”, supported by specific laws.

R was found. It was clearly an excessive and paranoid persecution of communities that ultimately wanted to have a good time. Well, there were drugs, but they were just partying outdoors. Not even within cities. There was unwarranted panic.

Q: Grocers and macchinas now enjoy a certain cultural respectability, as do everything X years old. What did they look like to you at that time?

R was found. I have never been able to connect because neither the music nor the aesthetics nor its behavioral dynamics nor its environment attract me. What interested me was COD, with CE: a mix of punk music, EBM [electronic body music]And the junior, guitar, first remixes and mldr; Which were served in Valencian nightclubs before bakalao, with ka. I was very young in the 80s, but I experienced the end of that scene in clubs and bars in Barcelona like Verdi, KGB, Beat & mldr;

Q: Have you ever been to the Psicódromo, Barcelona’s Temple of the Machine?

R was found. I went twice and the third time I didn’t go because the environment was so harsh that I got scared. But it was fun to watch Nando Dixcontrol DJ. Do amazing things live.

Dancing makes us release endorphins and oxytocin. It not only puts us in a good mood but also improves our memory and creativity.

Q: Three favorite clubs, please.

R was found. Dove Beauty. The first Nitsa club, in the old Don Chufo, with a revolving track. There he started playing Sideral and it was a revolutionary moment. and the Verdi room, where, with Tony Verdi, I discovered language DJwhat can be done with two records at the same time and how choosing a good musician can affect the dance floor.

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Q: Why is dancing fun?

R was found. It makes us release endorphins and oxytocin. Dancing not only puts us in a good mood, but also improves our memory and creativity. This is evidenced by studies of the mind. In the context of the club and in what context.

s. Why doesn’t reggaeton appear anywhere on “Dance usted”?

R was found. What interested me was drawing club culture, and in the last 20 years it has been replaced by the “dance” industry, which replicates very commercial models. Club culture is preserved and renewed thanks to a small bastion of interest in it, but it has nothing to do with the industrial uptake of dance music.

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Q: Are the manly spaces for discotheques?

R was found. Not the ones that interest me. with culture Rave Parental dynamics crashed on the dance floor. They have shifted from courting and considering women an object of prey to going to a place of company, respect, and tolerance. It was a drastic change.

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