López Obrador called his ambassador in Lima to open the door for Castillo

As the world watched the self-coup that President Pedro Castillo had just led in Peru – it was twenty minutes to noon (local time) when Congress dissolved – a television camera filmed the president leaving the Government Palace. It was 1:42 in the afternoon (Lima time, another six hours in Spain). Castillo left the building, accompanied by his wife, Lilia Paredes, and their children, Arnold and Alondra; Sister-in-law Yenifer Paredes and former Prime Minister, Hannibal Torres (who acted yesterday as one of his defense attorneys). The escorts consisted of two trucks in which Castillo and his family were traveling, accompanied by members of the State Security Police who were responsible for escorting the President.

According to the police report about Castillo’s arrest, at some point on the road, an agent ordered the driver to change lanes and go to the Embassy of Mexico, the country that, like the president himself, offered him asylum. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed yesterday. Castillo contacted the Mexican government to inform him that he was going to the legation to seek asylum, and ordered the ambassador to open the door for him.

Also on Wednesday, the Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard He confirmed during an interview with a radio station, prior to Castillo’s arrest, that if he asked for asylum in Mexico, the government would grant him. But at the time of the interview, he confirmed that he has not applied for it yet.

However, a phone call cut short Castillo’s journey toward impunity. It happened upon reaching the intersection of two roads located in the center of Lima. On the other hand, the device Chief of Police, Ivan Lisettiordered Castillo’s escorts to divert the road and take him to Lima province “Being (Castillo) in flagrante delicto with an alleged crime of rebellion (Article 346 of the Penal Code), abuse of power (Article 376 of the Penal Code) and violation of the political constitution, the police official dismisses his arrest.

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It was 1:55 pm (Lima time) when the President of Peru was taken to the police establishment where he is being investigated for framed crimes. In sedition and “breach of the constitutional order”.

Telephone wiretapping

Yesterday, during his usual “morning,” the Mexican president said, “Sure enough his phone was already tapped and (they knew) he would apply for asylum and that if they opened the door for him…” Which was taken down Wednesday on Twitter removing Castillo.

Non-interference and self-determination of peoples is a fundamental principle of our foreign policy. This is what we stick to in the case of what happened in Peru. However, we find it unfortunate The interests of the economic and political elites From the beginning of the legitimate presidency of Pedro Castillo, an environment of confrontation and hostility was maintained against him until it prompted him to make decisions that served his opponents to complete his removal with the unique principle of “moral impotence”. He added, “I hope that human rights will be respected and that there will be democratic stability for the benefit of the people.”

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